Chapter 42

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The Omega got his essay done before bed but decided to keep the editing for the next day because he was just that tired. Louis yawned cutely before he closed the laptop and kept it on the nightstand.

As he looked down at his alpha, he saw him asleep peacefully with his arms wrapped around the omega's waist because "It helped him sleep better."

Louis slowly laid down flat on the bed then nuzzled into Harry's neck and shut his eyes before he drifted off to sleep.

While the Omega was asleep, Harry placed a soft kiss on top of his head and fell asleep himself.

In all honesty, Harry couldn't sleep knowing that Louis will be up, so he pretended to be asleep for his omega's sake.


The next day, Harry was the first one to wake up even though he slept late, but he had work to do. He looked down and saw Louis sleeping peacefully on his chest that made his heart flutter at how beautiful he is.

The way his omega's long eyelashes rested against his cheekbones to his cute little pout he had when the alpha slowly left the bed. The alpha leaned down and pecked his pout then kept the blankets around his fragile pregnant body to keep him warm.

It worked because Louis nuzzled into Harry's pillow that had his scent on it and soon relaxed.

The lights were still off and there was no sun outside to make the room bright which Harry was thankful for. He closed the windows to prevent any source of light whatsoever that might disrupt Louis' sleep.

Harry then proceeded to the closet so that he could change his clothes from "I look homeless" to "I will fire you if you make eye contact with me" kind of look. The alpha wore a black suit with the only thing that isn't black is his red tie. He styled his hair back, closed the door slowly and then headed off to work.

While the chauffeur was driving, he got a text from Zayn that said:


[Image attached]

[Image attached]

[Image attached]

You're welcome.

Harry's eyes widened and said slowly, "You have got to be shitting me."

The chauffeur looked through the rearview mirror and said, "Everything alright, Mr. Styles?"

Harry cleared his throat and said, "Everything's alright, James. Everything's alright," before he texted Zayn back:


This is why I think you should work with the FBI. Thank you.

The alpha kept his phone back at his pocket thinking of what to do next as he looked out of the window.


Louis stretched and yawned with his shirt rising to reveal his baby bump. He frowned cutely when he looked around and didn't see his alpha, so he reached for his phone on the nightstand. When he got it, he texted Harry:

[Harry 🙊]:

Morning, have a good day at work. Miss you already. xx

The Omega had sighed before he kept his phone back at the nightstand then looked at his laptop and remembered that he had some editing to do. He got up to go to the toilet where he washed his face and brushed his teeth lazily.

When he finished, he went back to the room and checked his phone to see if the alpha texted him back or not. He cocked his head to the side when he didn't reply so he shrugged it off thinking that he might be in a meeting.

He wasn't, of course, but that's another different story for later on.

Louis went downstairs to the kitchen as he wrapped one hand around his baby bump unconsciously and the other hand held his phone. He started making himself some sandwiches as he hummed a random tune while his phone rested against the counter.

Niall got into the room later on while the other Omega was eating his sandwiches and said, "Hey there, sunshine!"

Louis looked up at Niall as he ate his sandwich and said, "What has gotten into you?"

Niall sighed happily as he sat next to him and said, "Well, yesterday I was a bit worried since my boys came back home at around 3 something a.m. but that's not the point! They made it up to me if you know what I mean," and gave him a wink.

Louis looked around the room then back at Niall as he said, "Why did they even come back at 3 a.m.? Sounds fishy."

Niall made a thinking face as he looked at a spot somewhere and said, "I didn't want to question it, but they had a folder with them, so I thought maybe it was work related."

Louis finished his sandwich and shrugged normally as he started cleaning up the table.

Niall furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Why are you so quiet today?"

Louis started cleaning the dishes as he said, "I'm not, I just feel tired, that's all."

Niall came from behind him and said, "Are you sure this isn't about something else?"

Louis looked at his phone that still had no messages yet and went back to cleaning the dishes as he said, "Something seems wrong and I just can't seem to put my finger on it."

Niall shrugged as he sat down on the counter and said, "Maybe you're just imagining things and wait, what seems wrong?"

Louis now started drying the dishes as he said with a sigh, "I don't know. I mean, I know this may sound stupid but Harry hasn't replied to my good morning message. Should I be worried?" and looked over at Niall with a worried look.

Niall thought of it for a second then said, "Umm, I don't know what to tell you there because the last time he didn't reply to you, it ended up with a fight."

Louis sighed as he arranged the dishes neatly and said, "I am just overreacting things, and I need to stop," and turned to looked at Niall.

The Irish Omega sighed and said, "No, don't say that," and brought Louis in a hug.

Louis hugged him back as he said against his shoulder, "I really hope that nothing goes wrong."


Harry saying into the phone, "I want this done now, no exceptions."

The chauffeur parked somewhere which made Harry look outside of his window and said, "I am here, meet me when it's over."

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