Chapter 89

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[A/N]: Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim readers.

Note: This chapter is not Ramadan friendly and I apologize. 

Once the couple reached home, Louis went upstairs by the elevator with a hand on his lower back and with his alpha following behind him.

Harry had both of his hands behind his back while looking up, waiting until they reach their floor and said, "This is the last time you're going to overwork yourself while you're pregnant with our triplets."

Louis furrowed his eyebrows as one hand was still on his lower back and his other hand was rubbing his growing baby bump. He said, "Then stop doing things that would make me overwork myself, honey."

The elevators opened and they both got out of it. When they reached the bedroom, Harry sighed and said, "I'm sorry, you're right but I don't know, my brain just shuts off when I get..."

Louis looked at him once he settled comfortably in the bed and completed, "Jealous?" and grinned.

Harry brushed his fingers through his hair and said, "I don't get jealous. People just piss me off," and threw his hands up dramatically.

Louis hummed with a smug smile and said sarcastically, "You? Jealous? Never."

Harry scoffed with a grin and said, "Okay, it's bedtime for you."

Louis bit his bottom lip for a moment before he said quietly while he looked at his alpha through his long eyelashes, "But I don't feel like going to bed."

Harry laid on his tummy next to him on the bed, scrunched up his nose and said while looking at him lovingly, "You're beautiful."

Louis was taken back at that so he opened his mouth to say something but ended up shaking his head with a chuckle. He said, "You're good."

Harry smirked, showing off his right dimple and said, "Just good?" and raised his eyebrows.

Louis stopped chuckling as he looked into space before he turned his head to look at the love of his life with so much love filled his eyes and said, "You're... mind-blowing."

For a moment, they both looked at each other and Harry broke the silence, "I wanna do so many things to you right now. You know that?" as he licked his lips.

The omega blushed at that and asked, his voice barely audible, "What kind of things?"

Harry made his way over to his lovely, pregnant omega slowly, got in between his thick thighs and looked down at him as he whispered, "Many kinds of things. Whatever you want," while his pupils dilated.

Louis felt slick leaving his pink hole as he moaned softly and wrapped his legs around his alpha's waist to bring him closer. He said, "B-But I can't lay on my back."

Harry moved back a bit so that they could switch positions which made the omega whine a bit before he let him go. After they both got undressed, the alpha then laid on his back and helped his pregnant omega get on top.

Louis positioned himself on top of his alpha, his teased the head of his cock around his wet hole and moaned while maintaining eye contact with his alpha.

The alpha growled, making his omega shiver, "Don't tease. Be a good girl, now."

Louis grinned at that and said, "Not until you admit that you get jealous."

Harry sat up and grabbed a hold of one of his omega's buttcheeks while the other hand held the base of his own dick. He was close to his face that he could almost see the shades of blue in his lover's eyes. He whispered, "I don't get jealous; I just don't like to share," and poked the head of his cock against his wet hole.

Louis whimpered at that, wrapped his arms around his alpha's neck and said against his cheek, "That's you being jealous, love."

Harry sucked a bruise in his lover's neck as he pushed his cock in to muffle the growl that is trying to escape his mouth. He said against it, "I know what you're doing," and shut his eyes in satisfaction once he was fully inside the only man he ever loved.

The omega's cheeks were flushed pink as he rolled his head back and moaned while holding onto his shoulders to stay balanced when he started riding him. He said, "And what am I doing?"

Harry nosed against his throat as he squeezed both of his omega's buttcheeks that jiggle with every bounce that he makes. He said, "You're riling me up."

Louis moaned loudly with his eyes shut when he felt his alpha hit his sweet spot. He opened his eyes, made eye contact with his husband and said, "If I was riling you up, I would have told you that you weren't that good in bed."

Harry stopped his movements for a moment and maintained eye contact with his omega. He asked, "Oh yeah?" and suddenly, he pulled out for a second before thrusting back in hard.

Louis tried not to moan or break eye contact as he said quietly, "Yeah," and moved his hips around in a full circle to stretch his hole further.

Harry whispered in his ear, "If I was so bad in bed..." and rested his feet flat on the bed while holding onto his omega's waist to keep him steady. He started thrusting up hard and fast into his hole which made the omega gasp and moan with his eyes wide at how good he's feeling.

The alpha was close to his orgasm as he felt his omega's ass bouncing and jiggling on his thighs. He smirked against his lover's neck once he felt him orgasm in between them and make that little whimper whenever his orgasm would be intense.

Louis moaned out, "D-Daddy," and whined as he moved his ass around his dick as he held onto him.

The nickname that isn't used often made the alpha finally cum inside his omega while holding onto him gently and pressed kisses around his neck to comfort him.

Harry finally continued, "... Then you wouldn't have came that hard."

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