Chapter 90

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[A/N]: We reached 500k readers at chapter 90. How incredible. Here's a chapter to you, hope you like it as much as I did.

Note: A reader pointed out that I wrote a smut about Louis riding Harry in a bathtub filled with pink water and how it's now similar to Harry's album cover. Coincidence? I think not.

Weeks later, Louis just woke up and he felt like he couldn't move from how heavy he felt at that moment. Currently, he's around thirty-six weeks pregnant while Niall is thirty-two weeks pregnant. He blinked his eyes open and he didn't see his alpha next to him.

At that time, he wasn't surprised because now, he was used to it. He wasn't too happy about waking up alone but Harry makes it up for him when he cuddles him at night before they fall asleep. So, it's a balanced cycle.

Louis grabbed his phone from the nightstand and with squinted eyes, he tried to check his messages. He noticed that his alpha didn't text him yet so he decided to send him a text because he assumes that his alpha got busy with work.

[To HarryBear 😍]:

Good morning, love. x

The omega pressed send and kept his phone aside. He sat up on the bed and stretched with a groan before he slumped his shoulders while looking around the room to see what he should do next. He pulled the covers off of his body and stood up.

Louis made his way over to the toilet and started the bath. He turned around to face the mirror and started brushing his teeth. Once he rinsed, he stood there for a moment with his eyes shut because he has been getting cramps all over his body and he needed a moment until the pain would go away.

Once the pain subsided, he started undressing and then he put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket. When he saw that the bath was now filled with water, he turned it off and got under the warm water carefully. He rested his head back and closed his eyes, feeling his muscles starting to relax.

The second Louis rinsed his body off, he applied shampoo in his hair and massaged his head for a while before he stood up to turn on the shower. He got himself under the shower so that he makes sure that it's fully rinsed off. He turned off the shower and then all of a sudden, whimpered in pain as he held onto his baby bump while the triplets were constantly stepping on his bladder.

The omega's eyes were still closed then he reached his hand around for a towel until he got one and dried his face off. He blinked a couple of times to regain his vision before stepping out of the shower. He drained the water from the bathtub and immediately did his business.

After wearing his clothes which consisted of an aqua jumper and panties, he brushed his hair and laid down on the bed.

Louis looked up at the ceiling, feeling exhausted and bored as ever. He really wants to get a job. He knows that Harry would hire him once he decides that he can leave the house without worrying about his triplets. The thing that scares him the most is that he might never be able to leave them because he knows that he would get attached to them for a really long time.

Besides, Louis didn't want to be one of those housewives who frame their degrees and end up not using them just to take care of their own kids. He knows that being a housewife is not a bad thing but it's just not what he wanted. He also didn't want his alpha to get him a job, he wants to feel as though he worked hard for it and that he deserved it.

Louis then furrowed his eyebrows for a moment because he's forgetting something. His eyes went wide in realization when he remembered that he didn't check if Harry replied to his text or not. He grabbed his phone from the nightstand and checked his messages.

[From HarryBear 😍]:

Morning, baby, how are you feeling? Are your headaches better today?

Louis, did you eat and take your vitamins?

I know I'm overreacting but can you please answer me so I know that you're okay?

Honey, it's been three hours, did you fall asleep?

[You have 6 missed calls from HarryBear 😍]

Louis felt bad because he took his time this morning and he totally forgot to reply to his alpha so he immediately started calling him. Harry answered on the first ring.

"Hey, I tried calling you but –"

Louis smiled at his alpha's worried tone and said reassuringly, "I'm fine, I took a bath and totally forgot about my phone. I'm sorry," and bit his bottom lip.

Harry took a deep breath once he heard his voice and his mouth twitched into a smile. He said, "I've missed you and our triplets. You all doing okay?"

Louis played with the fabric of his bed sheets and said, "We're alright. How's work going?"

Harry looked around at the paperwork that is scattered on the table along with the case files next to them. He rubbed his neck and said, "Well, it's going. What do you feel like eating for dinner tonight? Any weird cravings?"

Louis bit his bottom lip with a light blush on his cheeks and said, "I'm still craving kale and I'm getting sick of it."

Harry chuckled as he started arranging the papers on his desk while balancing the phone on his shoulder and said, "That's not a weird craving."

The omega rubbed his baby bump when he felt one of their triplets kicking and said, "It is for me, love," and smiled down at his growing bump.

Harry was reading through one of the papers in his hand and highlighting important key words. He grinned and said, "Okay, darling."

Louis said softly, "Okay," as he felt his heart fluttering by just hearing his lover's voice. He looked at the closed door and said, "I'm going to go eat now but we'll miss you."

The alpha stopped highlighting for a moment and said, "Don't forget to take your vitamins and if anything happens, promise that you will let me know?"

"I promise."

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