Chapter 26

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Zayn said with his eyes wide, "We're going to have a baby? As in we're going to be parents? I'm going to be a dad?" and his mouth hung open with a huge smile covering his face.

Niall looked at him for a moment and said, "No, you're going to be a potato."

Zayn ignored his comment because he was too happy with the idea of being a father; he has always wanted to be one. He may not look like the kind to but he really did want one. He got in between Niall's legs as he pulled his shirt up to see the tiny bump and nuzzled into it then took a deep breath.

Liam was in a state of shock as his eyes were wide and said out of nowhere, "Holy fucking shit, that's it, I'm out of here; we need to shop for baby stuff. I saw this place where they sell cute little baby onesies and –"

Niall turned to his other fiancé and cut him off by saying, "No, you stop it right there, we don't need to do any shopping, it's way too early, calm down," but smiled at him fondly nevertheless and added, "And besides, we don't know where to shop around here since we're not familiar with the location, well I am a bit familiar with it since it's the closest to the university –"

The realization had hit Zayn straight in the head when Niall mentioned the university and said, "You're living with us; we have to hire a lawyer first to get you out of there. I mean, what kind of a university doesn't let students live somewhere else other than the dorms? It's a bit fishy if you ask me..."

Niall looked down at his alpha and said, "And don't forget Louis too... he's also pregnant so he will need his alpha around... it was hard being pregnant and being away from you guys so I don't want Louis to be in that situation too."

Liam sat next to him and said softly, "I'm so sorry, I forgot to ask you if you were alright, I feel selfish now, come here," and brought him into his arms interrupting the moment Zayn was having with Niall's tummy making him whine.

Niall smiled softly as he nuzzled back into Liam's arms and whispered, "I'm alright now, don't worry about me," and tilted his head to the side to place a small kiss to Liam's jaw before settling back in his arms comfortably while Liam was rubbing his little bump softly.

Zayn got back into settling in between his omega's legs as he whispered, "Hello my little angels," and placed a small kiss there then rested his head on Niall's upper thigh while staring at his tummy thinking of how happy he would be when their future babies arrive.

After a while, when the two alphas were too busy breathing in their omega's sweet scent, Niall said out of nowhere, "Isn't Harry a lawyer? Maybe he could help us."

Liam and Zayn stopped what they were doing and looked at each other as they remembered the conversation they had with Harry this morning in front of the university before the omegas came to them.

Zayn looked up at Niall and said, "We are planning on filing a report on them for not giving omegas the free will to go and live with their alphas outside the university. I don't want you to worry about it now, just want you and our babies to stay healthy, okay?" and pecked his flat tummy.

Liam held his omega close into his arms because he really doesn't want him to worry about all these stuff. He whispered against his ear, "We both love you so much and we don't want you to worry."

Niall looked at them both and said, "I love you guys too but... I'm okay even if you told me all about it, I'm pregnant not on my death bed."

The last part made the two alphas growl which made the pregnant omega shiver as he looked at them with a cute blush on his cheeks as he felt his slick forming, it wasn't as much but it was something.

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