Chapter 72

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"I'm sorry, what?" Harry said with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

The omega knew what was coming next so he looked up at him and said, "I forgot?"

"You forgot?" Harry asked again to be sure he was hearing him right.

Louis looked away and blurted out, "I didn't do it on purpose. I just forgot to take my vitamins because I always take them after eating but since –"

Harry cut him off by saying, "Please don't tell me that you didn't eat either. Louis..." and stopped himself while looking at his fragile omega in the middle of the bed with pillow comforting his aching back.

The omega mumbled quietly, "I'm sorry, the only thing I felt like having was tea but whenever I tried to eat something, the smell of the food made me want to puke. Not because it's spoiled or anything."

The alpha's eyes softened as he looked at his poor mate and said softly, "You should have told me about it."

Louis bit his bottom lip for a moment before he said, "I didn't think that it would have mattered that much. We have sex a lot if you haven't noticed and almost fainting while doing it is new to me."

Harry took a deep breath and said, "Louis, you don't understand, I don't want this kind of thing happening to you ever again whether you're pregnant or not."

Louis frowned in confusion and asked, "So, what are you suggesting?"

The alpha shrugged and said, "That maybe we shouldn't fuck unless I make sure you ate and had your vitamins."

Louis looked up at him innocently for a moment while batting his long eyelashes before he said, "Okay, daddy."

"Stop that," Harry warned with raised eyebrows.

The omega asked, "Stop what?" and straddled his alpha's lap with his arms wrapped around his neck as he added against his cheek, "I'm not doing anything."

Harry held his mate's curvy hips and said, "We're not doing it and you need to get fed because our triplets need to grow in there and be healthy," and slapped one of his buttcheeks making the omega whimper while wiggling his bum around.

Louis laid his alpha on his back and said quietly, "You're so cute, you know that?" and hopped off of him to get cleaned up. He was still a bit lightheaded but he made sure to take it easy. As if of now, he was acting as if nothing happened so that his alpha doesn't worry too much.

Harry stared at the ceiling for a minute before he stood up and got cleaned up but still made sure to watch his omega. He doesn't care if he comes off as protective, it was in his alpha instinct to protect his family or else he wouldn't be an alpha at all.

Once they both got dressed up, Harry wrapped one arm around his mate's waist and said, "I was serious, I don't want you to overwork yourself and if sex is overworking you then it's not worth it."

Louis smiled at him fondly as they got into the elevator and said, "You would probably fuck me tomorrow if not tonight so don't make promises that you can't keep," and kissed his neck as the elevator closed.

The alpha looked down at the love of his life and said, "When it comes to you and our triplets, I would do anything to make sure that you guys are alright. Even if that meant no sex."

The omega's head rested against his alpha's heartbeat since it calms him down and said honestly, "I am so lucky to have you and our triplets," and the elevators opened.

When they both got into the kitchen, Louis would do anything not to eat because it made him want to vomit and he hates vomiting. He nuzzled into his alpha's neck, hiding there for comfort as he was sitting on his lap and said quietly, "I don't want to eat but at the same time, I want to eat everything."

Harry chuckled as he held his pregnant mate close in his arms and said, "That doesn't make sense but sure. Do you have any cravings? We could go out or order and get it right now if you would like."

Louis thought about it for a moment, wanting to know what to eat until he said, "I'm thinking maybe Chinese mixed with spicy food."

The alpha said, "Do you want to go out or too lazy? I think we should order so we can order from two restaurants, one for Chinese and one for whatever spicy food place you prefer."

Louis nodded and said, "I don't want to go outside, I'm too tired and I look like a whale."

Harry looked down at him in an upset manner and said, "Don't say that about yourself. You're carrying my pups and you look better than anyone out there. I'm thinking of making you pregnant all the time from how beautiful you look all filled up with my seeds."

The omega whimpered and whined, "Harry," and sucked a bruise on his collarbones then pulled away with a whimper when he felt his pups kicking out of the blue.

Harry got worried all of a sudden and said, "What? What is hurting you?" and rested his large hand on his mate's back to massage it slowly

Louis rubbed his baby bump where he felt his pups kicking furiously and said, "They're kicking, I just got shocked, that's all," and watched as his alpha rested his other hand on top of his baby bump soothingly.

Harry whispered against his ear, "It's over now, they stopped," while keeping his eyes on his mate's baby bump with his hand hovering over his baby bump protectively.

The omega nodded with a smile while resting against his alpha tiredly while Harry said, "I will go get my phone to call the restaurants, stay here," and slowly laid him down on the couch with pillows behind him for comfort.

Louis whined as he made grabby hands at him and said, "Don't go."

The alpha watched him fondly and pecked his lips as he said, "I will be back."

"Bring my phone along with you?" Louis requested politely even though he wanted his alpha to stay with him and cuddle him endlessly.

Harry agreed and left the omega alone looking at either his surroundings in boredom or at the ceiling.

When the alpha came back, the omega's phone started ringing and frowned for a moment because he didn't know who would call him at this time of day. Harry handed him his phone while he was searching for the restaurant's number in his contact list.

Louis looked at the caller ID and didn't know who it could be since it wasn't saved on his contacts. He picked up and said, "Hello?"

"Good morning, is this Louis Styles?"

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