Chapter 41

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Harry looked at his omega's blue ocean eyes then back to his baby bump that covered his jumper. Since he was in between his legs, he took the opportunity to push his omega's jumper up to reveal his baby bump.

The alpha was in awe as he watched how beautiful his Omega looked filled up with his triplets. He leaned down and press a soft, gentle kiss to the omega's baby bump as he whispered, "I don't deserve your love. You do so much for me."

Louis watched his alpha's movements and was shocked at what he said because he honestly didn't think that at all. He brushed his fingers through Harry's curls making the alpha relax into his gentle touch as he said softly, "Don't ever say that..." then remembered Harry's jealousy today, so he felt the need to reassure him as he added, "I don't want anybody else. Just you."

Harry looked up at his Omega and said, "This might sound selfish, but I don't want to share you with any other alpha."

Louis chuckled and looked away fondly as he said, "I could tell."

The Alpha shook his head and said, "I didn't mean to snap back there, it was just the way he –"

Louis cut him off with a kiss that made alpha shut his eyes and deepen the kiss eagerly because the omega smelt so good. The Omega whimpered as he laid Harry flat on the bed and straddled him which made the alpha act fast by holding his delicious thighs with a growl.

Harry watched his Omega grinding down on his groin that made him moan which cupping his arse. The alpha started to thrust his hips up, but the Omega held him down with a whine wanting to take control tonight.

Louis said in between moans, "You looked so hot today, all jealous and flushed," and bit his bottom lip as he rolled his hips around Harry's hard cock.

Harry growled and looked down at Louis' small hands that were taking off his boxers. He looked up at him and said, "Don't ever talk to any other alpha other than me," and turned them around (Gently, of course) as his alpha instinct was taking over.

Louis gasped as he looked up at his alpha and whined because he wanted to take control, but the alpha wasn't letting him.


Harry took off his jumper that showed off his small breasts that were forming because of the pregnancy. Before Louis could say anything, Harry attached his lips to one of his nipples and started sucking at them eagerly which made the Omega moan loudly.

After a while, he started drinking from the other one and Louis was a mess as his cheeks were flushed pink from the new sensation.

The way the alpha was rolling his tongue around his sensitive tits made Louis close to the edge, so he said immediately, "I'm going to cum from this," and looked up at Harry with his vision blurred from how good he was making him feel.

Harry pulled away then shook his head and said, "No, you're not going to cum until I tell you to do so," he then proceeded to take off his panties and lubed up his hard cock before pushing into his omega's tight pink hole.

Louis moaned loudly with his eyes wide while looking up at his alpha until he felt that his alpha was balls deep into him. He bit his bottom lip, willing himself to stop his moans, but it was nearly impossible when his alpha started thrusting into him slowly.

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