Chapter 29

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[A/N]: I decided to write in first person POV since it was requested, if you happen not to like it then please comment down below so I would go back to writing in third person POV. Enjoy! Xx

[Harry's POV]

I got him the cupcake he was asking for right after we were done eating dinner. I watched him munch on it cutely like he was a little baby... he's my little baby who is carrying my babies.

Funny, isn't it?

I went from not wanting to get married into a whipped, mated alpha.

All I could think of is just how fast the night changes.

I honestly don't think that I would ever change a thing about this. I finally feel I've accomplished and completed my life goals.

He completes me.

Louis broke me out of my thoughts as he looked up at me innocently through his dark eyelashes and said, "What are you thinking of?"

I blinked at his sudden curiosity then gave him an assuring smile and said quietly, "You."

Louis blushed and hid his face in the crook of my neck as he said fondly, "You're such a sap."

I chuckled as I held him close into my strong arms and said with a proud smile, "I know."

Never would I have thought that I would love someone more than I love myself.

The thing is that, ever since I laid eyes on him... my heart never stopped beating so loud ever since.

His strong scent that I will always remember, his cute way of making himself small under my arms even though he doesn't even have to try, his smile that makes me think that there is more than one sunshine in this world and I think that he's my sunshine.

These are the things that make me feel alive and like the rest of the world don't matter anymore.

It's just him and me... and of course, our little pups that are growing inside him.

After a few moments, I felt small puffs of air hitting my neck and I knew that he must have slept in my arms again.

Not that I mind that, I really don't.

Liam, Zayn and Niall were already upstairs in the third floor at their bedroom, most probably sleeping so I didn't have to worry about them making any noise that would wake my omega up.

I got up from the chair while holding Louis bridal style in my arms then I told the maid to clean up the table in which she did immediately.

I went upstairs towards our bedroom that was in the second floor then kicked the door open, got inside and carefully laid Louis down onto our king sized bed.

I tucked him under the covers and made sure that he was warm enough. I watched his fringe fall down to his closed eyes, I smiled and fixed it for him as I was thinking that maybe I should get him a headband or a bandanna.

I leaned down and planted a light kiss on his forehead then slowly began to pull away since I was afraid to wake him up. I looked out of the window as I watched the snow fall so beautifully and decided to open the fireplace to keep the room warm.

I decided to go to bed since I noticed Louis shifting around. I furrowed my eyebrows in worry as I got into bed with him and kept the covers above our bodies. I brought his fragile body into my arms and I felt him stop shifting around.

He cuddled himself back into my chest and I smiled down at him fondly because I just couldn't wait until I win the case.

I want my omega back home for good.

This isn't normal in any way possible because the things that I've read and researched about are truly disturbing.

How could a university refuse to let omegas live with their mated alphas? I just don't get it.

I let out a small sigh then kissed the back of Louis' head as I was in my deepest thoughts.

I shut my eyes and started to slowly fall asleep... breathing in my omega's calming scent.


I blinked my eyes open when I heard a noise; I looked around sleepily and saw that it was 3:29 a.m.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and looked down at my sleeping omega to make sure that he's still asleep. I heard footsteps coming near my door and I immediately took out a baseball bat that I kept hidden under the bed.

I went behind the door as I was waiting for the person to open the door so I could attack him or her.

When the door opened, I furrowed my eyebrows from how confused I was at the moment.

It was the maid.

I didn't make a move or a sound as I watched her tiptoe into the closet that had all my hidden files in them.

At first, I wanted to believe that she had some good intentions but then when I watched her push my clothes aside to get through the secret wall... that's when I knew that she was working with the university.

I went over to her slowly then hit her head with the baseball bat and watched her fall to the floor.

I said quietly but mostly to myself, "And I thought that I could trust you, guess I was wrong."

I called the two alphas that were in the third floor to come to the second floor and deal with this.

They were a bit confused at first but after telling them what exactly happened, they were furious.

Just the idea that what if I didn't wake up and she got away with stealing all those files I collected for the case?

All the evidence would have been gone and we would have lost the case completely.

I wanted answers and I wanted them now.

Zayn decided to stay with Niall in their bedroom just so that he doesn't happen to wake up alone while Liam was in the basement tying the maid up in a chair.

If they wanted war then we will give them war.

[A/N]: If you're reading this then you most probably finished reading this chapter, sorry for the very late update, my life is a mess but I pulled myself together and decided to write this just to make you all happy! Hope you liked it and here's the question of the day: Should I continue to write in first person POV or should I just quit it? OH and by the way #LoveWins xx

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