Chapter 59

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Louis is in his fifth month of pregnancy, twenty weeks to be exact. The babies started kicking four weeks ago, and the Omega couldn't be any happier.


"So no pancakes for today? Maybe some eggs?" Harry turned around with his black apron.

Louis gasped while holding onto his baby bump with a huge smile covering his face and said, "The triplets are kicking!"

The alpha left everything that he was doing and sprinted over to his Omega in seconds. He kept his hands around his baby bump and whispered, "Did they stop?"

Louis shook his head with happy tears in the corners of his eyes and led Harry's hands over to where the babies were kicking.

After a few seconds, the baby kicked over to where Harry's hands were which made him gasp and whispered, "I can't believe it," with awe-filled his green eyes and placed a soft kiss on his baby bump.

Louis wiped his tears and said, "Mommy loves you so much," and rubbed over his baby bump. He chuckled when they were kicking the spot that Louis rubbed his hands over.

Harry frowned when the babies stopped kicking at his side and said, "Why did they stop?"

The Omega shook his head with a smile and said, "They didn't, they're just kicking everywhere," and held his alpha's hands in his own.

"Doesn't it hurt?" and looked into his lover's eyes in concern.

Louis shook his head and said, "It's alright, I'm happy they're kicking," and kissed him softly with his arms wrapped around his neck.

Once they pulled away, Harry said with a grin, "Let's get you four something to eat," before standing up and going back to the kitchen.

Niall was now in his fourth month, sixteen weeks to be exact and his baby just started kicking.

They were currently moving into the city, and the Omega couldn't be any happier than he already is.

Harry decided to move into the house that Des and Mark got for the two of them, so the other alphas decided to move in next to them.

Everything was already furnished because they didn't want the omega to worry about anything, so they made sure that the place looked elegant.

Niall got out of the Range Rover and said, "It's beautiful," while looking at the house from the outside and around him to see a garden with trees everywhere. The Omega kept in mind that he will go out more often into the backyard if he ever wanted to relax or read a book.

Liam said while bringing his Omega to his side, "I'm glad you like it, let's go inside, shall we?"

Zayn made sure that the gates were closed before catching up with them and said, "We shall," and the three of them walked towards the door.

Niall bit his bottom lip in anticipation, and once the door got unlocked, he gasped while holding onto his baby bump.

Liam immediately got worried while holding onto his Omega and asked, "Baby, are you alright?" and kept his hand on his baby bump.

His question got answered once he felt the kick against his palm and said, "The baby is kicking!" and looked up at Zayn with his eyes filled with happiness.

The raven haired alpha smiled widely and said, "Let's get inside so that he could sit down first," and opened the door to lead them both inside.

Once they got inside, Niall sat down in one of the couches and didn't even notice the furniture around him from how much he was happy for the baby kicking.

Zayn immediately want on his side and asked, "Is the baby still kicking?" and rested his hands next to Liam's.

Niall shook his head and after a minute, Zayn felt the baby kicking and let out a gasp. He rubbed around that same area and whispered, "Our baby is in there, this is precious."

Liam cooed, "It is."

Meanwhile, at the Style's house, Louis was honestly impressed with the house's decoration and of course, it was all thanks to his mate.

Nowadays, things were going alright; he has been taking his vitamins and, of course, Louis took vitamins before but these were stronger.

Out of the blue, Louis woke up with his chest heaving up and down with fear filling his eyes. He looked down at his baby bump and let out a sigh of relief. Tears were in the corners of his eyes because his nightmares wouldn't stop and it's stressful.

Harry was next to him asleep peacefully with his curls all over the pillow. Slowly, he got out of bed and made his way to the toilet.

Once he locked the door, he washed his face and let out a deep breath. He whispered to himself, "We're okay, we're alright."

When he got back into the bedroom, he took out his journal and a pen then closed the door quietly.

The library they had at home was quiet, maybe too quiet. He sat down on one of the chairs, kept his journal on the table and started writing down his thoughts.

"Nightmare no. 4." was his title.

Louis took out the iPod that he kept in the desk and plugged in his headphones. Calming music started playing in his ears, and as he shut his eyes, he felt himself calm down a bit.

Opening his eyes again, he started writing away his feelings, nightmares and most importantly, his fears.

The Omega has been having trouble sleeping, and he honestly hates it so much. His thoughts and nightmares would haunt him whether he was awake or asleep.

Car accidents can do that to someone, and it keeps on replaying in his nightmares in a different ending.

Nightmare number one, Harry couldn't bare to raise his children once the Omega died in the car accident so he took off.

Nightmare number two, he woke up in the hospital bed with no bump and had to hear the news of his triplets gone from the doctor.

Nightmare number three, Harry left him because he wasn't a strong enough omega to carry his children without them dying every single time.

Nightmare number four should never be mentioned.

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