Chapter 38

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[A/N]: I am officially a University student as I speak so I'm basically all alone without my parents so I'm being independent which is rarely happens hahaha and also I've a pretty sick room mate so I'll update you guys about it! Lots of love and enjoy this chapter! xx

Louis was now sitting in class feeling sleepy and also a bit dizzy as he was trying to get himself comfortable in his seat.

The two bodyguards were sitting at the last seats watching the two omegas that were sitting next to each other.

Niall noticed that the omega kept shifting around in his seat so he asked in concern, "What's wrong?"

Louis shrugged lightly and said quietly, "Nothing," and continued to listen to the lecture with his tired eyes.

Niall wasn't all that convinced that it was nothing but he chose to be quiet and was hoping that the class would finish quickly so that they could both leave.

The whole University knew about what happened so the first week they kept telling Louis to thank his lawyer of a husband.

It has been a week since it all happened and he was in his 8 week pregnancy so he was trying to cope with everything going on.

Also, he didn't want to complain so that he wouldn't sound whiny or annoying since Harry already had so much work to do this week and adding up his complaints wouldn't help.

Louis has started forming tiny breasts which was the weirdest thing he had ever encountered but it was a turn on for Harry so it was alright for now. He even started wearing bras in a lot of different colors along with matching panties which never failed to turn the alpha on.

The omega's hips got wider so he couldn't fit in any of his skinny jeans so instead of closing his jeans by force, he just gave up and wore sweatpants.

Louis always had that thought that if he forced himself to wear tight things while he was pregnant then it would effect his pups badly so he was being extra careful and protective.

Ever since omegas at his University started talking about his "fancy lawyer husband who his dad owns just one of the most successful companies in the UK" he started getting jealous and territorial.

Actually, he was mostly territorial and he didn't know if it was his pregnancy hormones or just Louis being Louis kind of day.

All he knew was that he hated it when another omega would talk about his husband in a dreamy way and okay maybe he shouldn't have slapped her out of nowhere but the bitch deserved it.

No one really blamed Louis for slapping her anyway since she was being a total whore and also she was basically talking about another person's man in an inappropriate manner.

That night, Louis started riding him hard and fast like never before which surprised the alpha but he never complained about it or even questioned it at all.

Later on, he did tell Harry what was really going on when they were in the middle of cuddling because he didn't know how to keep things from him.

Louis was such a terrible liar especially towards the people he loved so dearly and he would immediately feel guilty for it.

The professor dismissed them and Louis blinked tiredly then looked around seeing everyone slowly leaving the room.

Niall stood up and grabbed his things as he said, "You sure you're alright?" and looked down at the tired omega as he was fixing his skinny jeans. He still wasn't showing, just a little tiny bump was there but his tummy was still flat since he was only 4 weeks pregnant.

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