Chapter 93 + Character Ask

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[A/N]: I have been going through some rough time but your girl is back! Here's a chapter and a character ask! I hope you like it, make sure to vote and comment because they make me happy. I love you. xx

Louis is currently forty weeks pregnant and he literally can't move yet he can't stay in one place from the pain. He was walking around the room at the moment with his face scrunched up in pain. He moved to the bedside table to pick up his phone and started calling his alpha.

The omega said through the phone, "Harry, when are you coming home?"

Harry said, "Soon. Why? Is everything okay?"

Louis sat down at the edge of the bed carefully as he said, "I know you can't just fly here but please come home as fast as you can," and shut his eyes, taking in a slow, deep breath in hopes that it would lessen the pain.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Baby? Are you in labor? Are you okay?" and heard his omega's deep breath on the phone. Their bond was pulsing which made the alpha know that his omega is feeling scared and in pain.

Louis felt like he couldn't speak but at the same time, he felt like screaming his lungs out but nothing came out. He felt a bit lightheaded and said, "I don't know but everything hurts and my water didn't break but I feel like I'm going to burst any second," and slowly laid down with a hand massaging his forehead.

Harry skipped a couple of cars and said, "Baby, listen to me, I'm going to be there soon and I will take you to the hospital. Alright?" and after a moment, his omega didn't answer. He added, "Louis, baby, answer me," and clenched his jaw with his eyes filled with worry.

Louis hummed and said, "Yeah, I'm with you. I just want to hear your voice right now," as he tried to calm down his breathing by focusing on his alpha.

Harry sped up and said, "I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry, I shouldn't have left your side. I love you so so much and I love our triplets and they're going to be here soon and we are going to be okay. I'm close to our house so I want you to hang in there alright?" and searched for the house key in his car along with the garage remote. He continued, "Are you still with me?"

Louis hummed and heard the sound of the garage downstairs signaling that his alpha is home. He can't help but ask, "Are you home?"

Harry parked the car in the garage and said, "Yeah, I'm coming upstairs now."

The omega hung up and slowly stood up from the bed. He went to his closet to pick anything to wear instead of his pajamas but it was hard to stay on his feet for long.

Harry walked into the bedroom and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. He said, "Lou," and went over to him to wrap his arms around him from behind. He noticed what his omega was doing and said, "You don't have to change, your pajamas look fine."

Louis shut his eyes in pain and whimpered as he leaned back against his alpha's chest.

Harry gulped as he watched his weak omega lean on him and said, "We're leaving right now," and slowly picked him up bridal style. The alpha can still carry his pregnant omega even though Louis thinks he's too heavy especially with him carrying the triplets.

Once they reached the car, Harry opened the door and gently rested his omega in the passenger seat. He closed the door and went to the driver's seat as he slowly reversed the car out of the garage. He started driving off and called the doctor.

Doctor Jefferson picked up and said, "Hello –"

Harry said immediately, "Doctor, my omega is in pain and we are now on our way to the hospital. Are you there or?"

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