Chapter 30

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[A/N]: Okay so maybe the first person POV was a bad idea lmao but hey I am back to writing in third person POV so yay! Enjoy this chapter. xx

Liam was currently in the basement drinking some water as he glared at the maid waiting for her to wake up while leaning into the wall.

He's not the kind of alpha that is extremely violent but when it came to protecting the people he loves... he's turns into a different man.

The brown eyed alpha feels extremely stupid for not seeing this coming.

How could I not see this coming? He keeps asking himself all these questions over and over again.

He stood up straight when he watched her slowly waking up then immediately texted Harry since calling Harry would most likely lead to waking the omegas up and it's the last thing he needs right now.

Harry saw the text and looked over at Louis who was still sleeping peacefully on the bed. He kept the phone in his back pocket and slowly but carefully picked the omega up in his arms bridal style.

The curly haired alpha went downstairs into the second floor and when Zayn saw him walking with the omega in his arms, he opened the door for him to let him in.

Zayn watched in worry with his arms crossed over his chest as Harry slowly laid Louis' fragile body on the bed and kept the covers above his body.

The raven haired alpha slowly went over to him and said quietly, "This is becoming dangerous for the omegas, Harry."

Harry sighed as he was looking down at his sleeping omega and said sadly, "I know... I know," then leaned down then placed a small kiss on his omega's forehead before pulling away and storming out of the bedroom.

Zayn looked at the open door and closed it slowly without making a sound. He sighed and sat down on the chair that was facing the bed as he waited for the two alphas to come back.

Harry got into the basement and looked at the maid who was in the middle of talking to Liam.

"Please stop talking too much, my head hurts," she said bitterly.

Liam growled and said, "I swear to god if you didn't –"

Harry held him back and said, "Hey, go take a seat while I talk to her," then watched as Liam pulled away but never stopped giving her death glares and sat down on the chair with his arms crossed over his chest.

She rolled her eyes at Liam then looked over at Harry who said, "Okay, I just wanna know why? Why would you think that it's a good idea to do this? Who told you to do this? When did this even start?"

She smirked and said, "My life was all good until you brought in guests to live here which meant that I've to clean more and cook more and do more shit for more people."

Before Harry could speak, she added, "The University offered me money and a free education so I couldn't say no, now could I? I didn't want to be a maid anymore and I don't want to spend the rest of my life serving you and your rich ass family."

Liam growled and Harry sighed as he said, "Let her continue, Liam, she probably has more shit to say so she might as well say it all now."

She chuckled and said, "Oh yes, I do actually. Those papers that you have over there are the only way that I could ever have a better life. Who cares about your omegas anyway? You're going to see them in their summer vacation in like what? 5 to 6 months? But for me, this opportunity could never come again like ever."

Harry looked at her dead in the eyes and said, "Thank you very much."

She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion then laughed as she said, "Uh, you're welcome?"

Harry took his phone from his back pocket and stopped the voice recording then saved it with a smug on his face.

Liam came from behind him to see what he was doing and he said, "Harry, you're a genius! Wait, how come I never thought of this?"

Harry said with a smirk, "Because you were too busy using your alpha strength rather than your brain, pal."

She looked between the two of them and asked, "What are you two talking about?" and wiggled trying to get out of the chair but it was impossible.

Harry looked at her with both of his eyebrows raised in fake surprise and said, "Oh! I forgot to tell you," and smiled innocently as he added, "I kind of recorded you confessing all that and you kind of didn't know about it but hey maybe orange would look good on you in prison."

Liam opened his mouth in surprise and laughed as told her, "You shouldn't mess with lawyers because they know every way to get you behind bars."

She groaned and whined annoyingly as she tried to get out of the chair then screamed, "I won't let you get away with this!"

Harry fixed his hair in a bun and said, "Watch me," and went upstairs as he started calling the cops but Liam stayed because he was making sure that she doesn't escape.

After exactly 17 minutes, the cops arrived in front of the door. Harry opened the door and said, "She's down at the basement, get rid of her and the court is tomorrow so it's the perfect timing."

The cops went down to the basement and untied her from the chair then replaced the ropes with handcuffs as she kept on trying to get away from them.

Who knew that the calm quiet maid would turn into such a crazy psycho?

Harry didn't guess it, that's for sure.

He watched her leave the house with the two cops and chuckled as he watched the cops shoving her into the backseat.

Liam said from behind him, "No more maids ever again, please."

Harry just shrugged and said, "No more maids," and closed the door behind him then made his way upstairs to the second floor.

He was met with Zayn who said immediately in a whisper, "I could have sworn I saw the cops, did they get rid of her?" and then looked at Liam who arrived later on.

Before Harry had the chance to answer his question, Zayn immediately went over to Liam and wrapped his arms around his neck in a hug as he whispered, "You alright?" then slowly pulled away and cupped Liam's cheeks.

Liam nodded with a smile and said, "Yeah, I'm alright," and pecked Zayn's lips.

Harry rolled his eyes with a smile and said, "To answer your question, yes we did get rid of her. Tomorrow in the afternoon we will be seeing her in court so get ready you two; this might be the end of it."

"Harry?" Louis said as he blinked sleepily while rubbing his eyes cutely.

Harry made his way over to him and said softly with a fond smile, "Hey there my love," and sat on the edge of the bed next to him.

Louis leaned into him then said with his eyes still heavy and closed, "Why aren't we in our room?"

He brought him in his arms then kissed his light feathery hair and said quietly, "I will explain tomorrow morning but let's get you upstairs so that we could sleep, yeah?"

Louis nodded sleepily as he yawned and covered his mouth with his tiny fist. Harry smiled down at him and slowly picked him up in his arms bridal style then Louis rested his head against his chest with his eyes still closed.

Harry looked at the two alphas and said quietly, "We will discuss this in the morning," then left the room and went downstairs to the second floor.

He tucked his omega in bed then he got in bed with him after that and held him close in his arms till they both fell asleep peacefully.

The difference is that this time, Harry locked the door.

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