Chapter 11

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Harry was awake really early today even though he slept late last night. He slowly got out of bed without waking the sleepy omega up, he didn't have the heart to wake him up because Louis looked really adorable while sleeping with his pink thin lips parted and was snoring cutely with his fringe messy from sleeping.

He covered him up in blankets knowing the London winter was always harsh at this time of year and didn't want his poor omega to be cold. December tends to be really cold in London and a great time to go shopping since the shops are beautifully decorated outside and shining bright with its glamorous colours.

He made his way over to the toilet and pushed his curls back after fixing them up. He washed his face to get himself awake for the day then took a look at Louis' things neatly organised in front of the mirror. He used the mouth wash to get rid of his morning breath and when he rinsed his mouth, he kept the mouth wash back then exited the toilet.

His omega was in the same place he left him, sleeping peacefully into the mattress. He was really confused as to why he was sleeping a lot nowadays but then he shrugged it off thinking maybe it's because he sleeps late.

The alpha jumped a bit when he heard someone knocking on the door then he realized that he had to leave before anyone finds out that he spent the night with Louis. He didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea that the alpha just can't keep it in his pants.

He was really worried about his omega not falling asleep and he still remembers the sound of his tired voice through the phone when he told him that he couldn't go to sleep without him. It was in his alpha instinct to go and comfort his omega until he falls asleep.

"Louis, honey, wake up, you have university to attend to, remember?" His mother continued to knock hoping her son would wake up by just that.

And the alpha almost forgot that his petit omega has university to attend to, he was so caught up in his little bubble of keeping Louis with him at all times that the forgot all about his education.

Louis groaned into the pillow as he moved around the bed and mumbled, "No, wanna sleep, five more minutes," and pouted cutely with his eyes still shut as his hands were searching Harry's warmth but couldn't find it.

His mother sighed and said, "Only five, Lou!" and walked away with a fond smile on her lips. She loves her baby but was also surprised how he didn't wake up immediately like he always did but thought it was because he spent the night thinking of his alpha.

The alpha looked down at him fondly with a smile covering his face; he was just so in love with his lovely omega that he would do whatever it takes to make him happy and satisfied. He slowly got into bed with him and brought him into his arms after placing a small kiss on his lips.

Louis smiled as he slowly fluttered his eyes open to look at Harry then furrowed his eyebrows as he whispered, "How come your breath doesn't stink?" because he thought his alpha just woke up with him from his mother's knocking.

Harry buried his face in his omega's neck as he chuckled and whispered, "That's because I used a mouthwash baby," and kissed the mark on his neck softly making him blush deep shade of pink and squirm in his grip.

Knowing his alpha's intentions, he slowly pushed him away lightly and giggled, "Not now baby, I've to get ready for university, remember? Your cock can wait later," which made his alpha groan then Louis smiled to himself as got out of bed slowly and made his way over to the toilet.

He watched him walk away; loving how his butt-cheeks would move with every step he takes. He feels really lucky and accomplished in life that he's going to get married to that piece of heaven that he's soon going to call his omega.

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