Chapter 7

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Harry slept peacefully throughout the night as he was holding the omega close to his chest. It was, indeed, a new feeling that he didn't want to let go. He wanted this beautiful omega to be his for good but he knew that when their little weekend in paradise is over, he won't be seeing him until they are actually married but he pushed those thoughts aside and enjoyed the warmth of his omega's back against his chest while he was still inside him.

The next day, Harry made sure he pulled out of him without waking the omega up watching his pink hole clench and unclench. He groaned quietly as he watched how beautiful his hole looked so wrecked and pink but he shook those thoughts out of his head. He then made his way to the toilet that was inside the room and started taking a shower as he was smiling at the memories of last night. It almost felt so unreal, he couldn't believe that that omega was his, the omega picked him out of all the alphas out there and Harry didn't know why, he didn't feel like he deserved it or even earned it.

After he was done fifteen minutes later, he wrapped a towel loosely around his waist then he brushed his teeth as he pushed his curls back while staring at the mirror. After he rinsed his mouth, he dried his wet curls with a small towel as he was thinking about what to do today, he wanted to talk to him, he didn't want it to be all about sex. He wanted to get to know him better and was also really curious about him. He wanted to know everything.

When he left the toilet, the omega was slowly waking up as he cutely rubbed his eyes and said in his morning voice, "What time is it?" and winced when he tried to move since he was sore. Harry made his way over to him and said, "It's 9:46 a.m. and umm... sorry about that, was I too hard on you?" and brought his hand down and started massaging his bum.

The omega leaned to him and shook his head as he said, "No, not your fault," he kept his head on his wet abs and that's when he realized that Harry was almost naked which made him blush and said, "You took a shower?" and looked up at him. In return, Harry nodded with a fond smile and said, "Yeah, wanna take a shower too, love?" and started playing with his morning hair fondly.

Louis then kissed his abs slowly and nodded then Harry slowly picked him up in his arms which made him squeal in surprise and the alpha said, "Then I'm going to carry you around then, alright?" then the omega nodded thankfully and hid his face in his neck as Harry made his way to the toilet with Louis' arms wrapped around his neck.

He set him down and slapped his bum saying, "I will take a shower with you," and smirked as he put the towel away then stepped into the shower with him wrapping his arms around his waist while kissing his neck softly. Louis hummed as he leaned back into his chest and tilted his head to the side to give the alpha more access to his neck. The alpha ran his thumb over the mark that he gave him yesterday and whispered, "So fucking beautiful," and kissed the bruise softly which made the omega blush deep shade of pink at the amount of attention he's getting from the alpha. They were now bonded and he couldn't be any happier.

After they were done washing up with a little stolen kisses here and there, of course, Harry fucked him against the bathroom wall because Louis was still in his heat and any little contact from his alpha got him horny. They both had to clean up again which they didn't mind at all then made their way out of the toilet, drying themselves up and then got dressed.

Harry just wore boxers, leaving his tanned abs and chest exposed showing off all his tattoos because he just simply didn't want to wear a lot of clothing. As for Louis, he wore yellow lace panties and a baggy black jumper that reached his thighs cutely that Harry couldn't help but watch him fondly.

He scooped him up in his arms and carried him downstairs then slowly set him down on the counter and said, "What do you wanna eat, love?" and immediately started searching for the ingredients when the omega said, "Ummm... eggs?" and bit his lower lip as he watched Harry start cracking up the eggs in the bowl. Harry said, "How do you like your egg baby?" then the omega smiled and said, "Scrambled with a mix of cheese in it."

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