Chapter 73

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Louis knew that the person on the phone sounded familiar but he wasn't sure who it was exactly. He said, unsure, "Yeah, who is this?"

The person on the phone replied, "It's Justin, didn't you recognize my voice?" and chuckled.

The omega sighed in relief with a smile and said, "Sorry, Justin, I was worried for a second that it might have been a prank."

Harry turned around with the phone in his ear and said, "Justin who now?" and then replied immediately through the phone, "No, I mean, yes, I still want to continue my order."

Louis looked at his alpha's little fuss and heard Justin say, "Why would anyone want to prank you? You're nice to everyone."

The omega blushed lightly at that and said, "Thank you but there are nicer people out there," while rubbing his baby bump.

Harry hung up after he was done ordering for the two of them and set his phone aside. He sat next to his omega, eavesdropping into their conversation to make sure that the other alpha wasn't crossing any lines.

Justin leaned against the reception counter and said, "When I find them, I will let you know," and changed the subject after a moment, "I called from the hospital to let you know that your next appointment will be this Thursday."

Louis didn't know that his alpha was listening in to their conversation because he didn't think that it mattered. He thought about it for a moment and said, "At 4:00 p.m. right?"

Justin replied immediately, "No, actually, Dr. Jefferson is taking the day off so he told me to take his place so it won't be at that time."

Harry clenched his jaw and left his omega in the room with a growl. He started pacing back and forth angrily because he knew what the other alpha was doing and he didn't like it at all.

The omega looked around the room and realized that his alpha left as he said, "Um, at what time then?"

Justin started eating from the candy that was at the counter and said, "Come around 3:00 p.m., the earlier the better."

Louis hummed in agreement and said, "Alright, we will see you then –"

The blonde alpha interrupted him, "Sorry but, do you mind if I take your phone number? Just in case you needed any medical advice or any emergency help. I know there's 999 for that but..." and stopped talking to see the omega's reaction.

Louis thought about it for a moment, if he said yes then his alpha would be mad at him but if he said no then Justin would think that he's arrogant. Besides, he has an appointment with him this week so he doesn't want things to get awkward. He simply said, "Sure, thank you for everything, goodnight," and hung up.

Justin smiled as he set the phone down and saved the omega's number to his phone. He sent him a quick text, "It's Justin, feel free to text me whenever."

Louis looked at the text and decided to just send him a smiling emoji rather than start a conversation with him at the moment. He stood up slowly and walked with his hand on his lower back to find his alpha.

Harry was nowhere to be found so the omega grew worried as he called out, "Harry? Baby?"

Louis gave up, not because he didn't care about his alpha but because his back was aching and if he stood any longer, he would end up fainting and no one wanted that. He went to the kitchen to take his vitamins and once he was done, he laid down on the couch with his small hand on top of his baby bump.

After a while, Harry got into the kitchen wearing his black shirt and sweats while drying his wet hair. Louis looked up at him with his eyes barely opening and said tiredly, "Hey, where have you been?"

Harry shrugged and mumbled, "Just took a long shower because everything went wrong."

The omega sat up carefully on the couch and said in a worried tone, "What went wrong, love?"

Before the alpha was going to blurt things out, the doorbell rang so he closed his mouth and went to retrieve their food. When he got back, he set the food on the dining table and said, "Chinese will be here soon, do you want to wait or –?" another doorbell rang and he said quietly, "Never mind," and went to open the door.

Louis got up with a frown because his whole body was aching but then removed the frown off of his face because he was finally going to feed his triplets. He sat down in one of the chairs and saw his alpha walking through the room. He looked up at him in concern and asked, "Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry."

The omega just doesn't want to fight because he's exhausted and all he wants right now is for his alpha to be smile again. If he's not happy then Louis won't be either.

Harry looked into his mate's blue eyes and his eyes softened as he said, "D-Don't be sorry," and mentally slapped himself for being so damn weak. He's an alpha for god's sakes and he's supposed to act like one. He added, "I just... can't help it. It's in my alpha instincts to be jealous at every alpha who interacts with you especially if I don't know the alpha personally."

Louis patted the seat next to him for his alpha to come and sit there. When he complied to his pregnant mate's request, he said while cupping his cheeks, "I adore you so much and honestly, your jealousy is something you can't control and that's okay sometimes. Look at me," and when Harry looked into his eyes, he added, "I love you. More than I ever loved anyone before and I will never, ever replace you."

The omega got a notification on his phone that said, "From: Justin: Changed the appointment to 2 p.m. because someone decided to cancel. See you then."

Harry growled as he pulled his face away from his omega's grasp and said, "Why does he have your fucking phone number?"

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