Chapter 71

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Currently, Louis is twenty-five weeks pregnant and it has been exactly three weeks since Harry finished working on the case. The omega has been happier than ever but the pregnancy was getting so much more difficult than he expected. He started applying lotions to his baby bump to avoid having stretch marks and because his skin started becoming dry.

At the moment, the omega was reading a pregnancy book while humming in their bedroom with a cup of tea on the nightstand. Harry walked in and started taking off his clothes as he said, "Let's fuck, right now."

Louis looked up from his book and said in shock, "Now?"

The alpha confirmed, "Now," as crawled in between his omega's thighs once he was fully naked and started sucking a bruise on his neck.

Louis moaned and kept the book aside as he asked, "Does that mean you won the case or not?" and started undressing with the help of his alpha.

Harry smirked and said, "I wouldn't be asking for sex as a reward if I didn't win," and once his omega was fully naked in front of him. He growled possessively, "You're so beautiful," and kissed his baby bump before kissing him passionately.

Louis kissed him back until they pulled away to catch their breath and said, "If we're going to do it, I can't lay down on my back because it's not good for the baby."

Harry nodded in understanding and asked, "Would you like if I fucked you on the side with a pillow under your baby bump or would you prefer to ride me?"

The omega was overwhelmed with the options so he just said bluntly, "On the side. We never did that position before."

The alpha's smirk widened and said, "I love you," and positioned his omega on his side with a pillow underneath his baby bump then asked in concern, "All good?"

Louis nodded while biting his lip and waited patiently for his alpha. He whimpered in pleasure once he was entered without prep but knew that his slick was going to help and it won't hurt.

Harry moaned with his eyebrows pinched together in concentration and made sure not to hurt his baby triplets. He started moving in and out of his omega slowly to test the waters.

Louis pushed back a bit to let his alpha know that he wants more and whined, "Alpha, please."

Harry leaned down and kissed his omega's whine as he started thrusting faster into him. He held his omega's baby bump protectively for support as he fucked into him while moaning in his ear hotly.

When they pulled away from the kiss, Louis continued moaning in the pillow to stop himself and mumbled incoherent things into it.

Harry loved how wrecked his omega looked, begging for his dick like there's no tomorrow and growled in his ear, "Baby girl, you're doing so well for me. Love it when daddy fucks you like that?"

Louis whimpered as he reached his hand back to hold onto his alpha's thigh and said, "Yes, love it so much. Wanna ride you now."

Harry's chest rumbled and it made the omega's pink hole clench hard around his member. He said, "Okay but don't tire yourself, if you're exhausted, let me know and I will do all the work," and started changing their positions until the omega was safely on top of him with his dick still buried inside.

Louis bit his bottom lip innocently that makes the alpha want to fuck him hard but he knew that he had to be gentle. His pregnant omega is so fragile. He slowly started bouncing up and down his alpha's dick while holding onto his chest.

The omega's little breasts were bouncing along and the alpha felt like suckling on them but he knew that they're sensitive. He ended up kissing in between his chest and whispered, "It's a shame your breasts will disappear after a few months of giving birth. I was starting to be fond of them."

Louis giggled into his neck and said, "You're so silly," then moaned loudly with his mouth hanging open once the head of his alpha's dick hit his prostate hard. He started hitting his own spot while moaning at how big his mate's cock was while his arms were wrapped around his neck.

Harry held onto him and let him fuck himself against his dick repeatedly. He felt his omega's ass jiggling against his thighs with every bounce and he knew at that moment that he's blessed.

Suddenly, Louis held onto his alpha's strong arms and whimpered, "T-Tired," he felt out of breath and exhausted but he blames it on his pregnancy.

Harry held onto his omega's buttcheeks to position himself and started thrusting up into him with a growl at how tight he was around him. He only went harder when Louis whimpered out, "Harder, p-please, oh, right there!" and his eyes were closed in bliss as he let his alpha take care of him.

Soon enough, they both came hard and the alpha was planting kisses all over his mate to calm down his breathing. Louis rested his forehead against his and whispered, "H-Harry," and almost fainted on him but Harry held him then laid him on his back.

"Baby? Do you need water? Are you okay? Louis, baby, I shouldn't have gone hard. I'm sorry, wake up now. Please?" Harry rambled in paranoia.

The omega's vision was blurry as he looked around and saw his alpha's worried face expression. He said softly, "I'm okay, just lightheaded," and held his hand to reassure him with a small squeeze.

Harry continued rambling, "But you take your vitamins, how did you almost faint? Do you think we should call the doctor or visit her? I am worried right now," as he rested his omega's back against a bunch of pillows for his comfort.

Louis bit his bottom lip sadly while looking down then when he looked up at his alpha, he said quietly, "I forgot to take the vitamins?"

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