Chapter 43

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Zayn and Liam got downstairs after the job was done then got into Harry's fancy limo. Harry scooted aside for the couple to get inside and told the chauffeur, "Take us home, James."

The two alphas were out of breath as their chests were heaving up and down. Liam said, "That was amazing, we should totally do this again," and smiled widely at Zayn.

Zayn shook his head and said, "That was a lot of work, and you know how much I don't like to do work."

Liam looked at him fondly once he calmed down and said, "I know you don't, honey," and got closer to him to bring him in his arms.

Harry rolled his eyes as he said, "So what happened?"

Zayn looked at Harry while his head was laying on Liam's chest and said, "We got evidence that your secretary was working with someone who was trying to sabotage your relationship with Louis."

Liam added in, "We couldn't take a look at who it was because we kept freaking out over whether she was going to come home any minute or not."

Harry facepalmed and said, "I was the one in charge for look out so even if she came home, I'd have warned you," and took the folder from Zayn.

Liam shrugged and said paranoid, "What if you happened to fall asleep or looked away for one second and missed her walking into the building?"

Harry opened the files, and his eyes scanned through the details as he said, "Trust me, that would never happen."

Zayn took a bottle of cold water from the fridge and started drinking it because all that work got him thirsty while Liam was looking as natural as ever.

Liam was honestly used to this while Zayn was the kind who was just lazy but honestly, Liam finds it completely adorable.

Harry gasped with his eyes widening and said with rage filling his green eyes, "I fucking knew it! I knew something was up with that guy."

Zayn almost choked on his water and looked at Harry as he said, "Do you know who this is?"

Liam rubbed Zayn's back to recover as he watched the curly haired alpha's reaction and waited for his response.

Harry closed the folder and kept it on his lap as he looked into the distance then when he looked back at the two alphas; he said the two words he never thought he would utter, like ever.


It was now night time as Louis was singing to now growing tummy a soft lullaby as he walked around the room. Once he stopped in front of the mirror, he couldn't help but lift his jumper up to reveal his bump.

In the middle of him singing, he giggled happily with his eyes crinkling as he saw that his bump was growing day by day, and that's because he is carrying triplets.

The short omega whispered with a gentle smile, "I love you and your daddy so much. I can't wait until he comes back home so that he cuddles us."

Louis was now wearing a huge jumper that reached mid-thighs and some sweatpants because it was cold outside, so he wanted to keep his pups warm.

After he had kept the jumper back down, he fixed his fringe in the mirror and smiled when he heard his phone ringing.

Looking down at his phone, he saw that it was Harry, so he took the phone and immediately answered it by saying, "Harry, hey!"

"Hello, darling, I just saw your text a second ago, and I thought that I'd call to check up on you."

Louis blushed a bit when he remembered the text and said, "Um, yeah, that... I just wanted to wish you a nice day; that's all."

"My day will always be nice as long as I see your face before work, my love. Also, I am coming back home now. Do you need anything from a restaurant, supermarket, pharmacy...?"

Louis bit his bottom lip as his cheeks darkened then sat down on the edge of the bed and said, "No, it's alright, just come back home and we will order something if you want. Also, I'm sorry if..." and took a deep breath as he continued, "If I am clingy or something, I just really miss you even though we share the same bed."

Harry looked up at the ceiling of the limo as he said through the phone, "Don't ever be sorry because I feel the same way."

Louis smiled and said, "Okay, enough with the cheesiness and hurry up because I want to see your face."

Harry chuckled and shut his tired eyes as he said, "Will do, darling. I can't wait to see your face too."

When they hung up, Louis was a grinning mess while Harry was debating whether he should tell the Omega about the whole thing or not.

The alpha cares so much about his Omega and he is so scared that it might upset him especially now that he is pregnant.

Harry is so gentle with his beloved omega's feelings, and he doesn't want to see his tears appear ever again. Louis deserves to be happy, and Harry wants him to.

Stress is not good for the triplets and now that the alpha knows how many babies there are, it could be risky. The more the babies there are, the more it is likely for the Omega to get a miscarriage and Harry would seriously hate himself if that ever happened.

Taking a deep breath, he looked at the empty limo. He already told the two alphas to head into the house while he just stayed out to think for a while about his decision.

Harry hopes that he has made the right decision this time.

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