Chapter 12

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When Harry started driving off home, he was listening to chocolate by the 1975 and he just randomly sang along to the words until he was rudely interrupted by the ringtone of his phone. He groaned as he took it out of his tight pocket then answered it without seeing the ID number and snapped, "What?"

"Mr. Styles, have you reconsidered our offer about adding another alpha to your family?"

He rolled his eyes and said, "We don't need another alpha added to my little family and you can't really force me to get one so you can either stop calling me or I will see you at court," and cocked his head to the side smugly as he drove with one of his hands on the wheel.

"Have you talked to your omega about it? I am sure he would be thrilled to have an alpha around... I mean of course, it all comes down to the omega after all..."

Harry's eyes turned dark with anger because this man was pissing him off into believing that his omega would want another alpha and that he's not enough of an alpha to ever be enough to satisfy him.

He growled and said, "I will ask him tonight and if he disagreed then I will call you and I will make him talk to you himself, good?" then hung up and threw his phone away in the backseat.

Even the music in the background couldn't get his mind off of the fact that he was going to talk to Louis about this.

What if he said yes?

What if he agreed to have another alpha in our lives?

I can be a better alpha for him; I can protect him and love him more than any alpha ever could.

He shook his head trying to get rid of the thoughts in his head. All he was thinking about was his omega's opinion in this; he doesn't know his omega well enough or for that long to know what he's going to decide.

Even though he's supposed to be this big strong alpha but he still has his insecurities, especially when it comes to romance.


Louis sat at the front of his Drama class in the theater so that he could listen carefully to the lecture. He really was interested in what he was learning and it was way better than the dull boring subjects he used to study back in high school.

He didn't want to be a useless omega; he wanted to be a good omega for his alpha.

The university was also teaching them minor subjects like cooking and even a class on how to be a good omega for your alpha. Those subjects were a must at the university but Louis didn't mind them, he found them rather fun actually.

Even though he doesn't have to cook since he could just hire some maids to do the job for him. He can't help but want to learn because he really is shit at cooking and can't even cook ice for god's sakes.

He thought this might be his chance to prove to everyone that he's not just a spoiled rich brat of an omega.

"Louis Tomlinson," The professor called.

He blinked as he got out of his seat and took the script with him. He has rehearsed this for weeks now and he has learned it like the back of his hand because even though it might not mean much to everyone but it means everything to Louis.

He got on stage then looked over at his fellow classmates and gave them a genuine smile even though half of them just want to sleep and the other half are waiting for their alpha to pick them up after this class.

"Why don't you read for us from the third act, Louis?" His professor asked.

"Umm... yes, of course," and chuckled nervously a bit then flipped the pages until he reached the third act.

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