Chapter 3

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After Harry locked the door into his room, he immediately stripped down into nothing like he couldn't wait any longer, he needed some release.

He wasn't the kind to wank over someone's smell before but this is completely different and he thinks he's excused.

Well he is you could say in a way because Louis is an omega with a pretty great strong scent and that round ass he has going on back there got Harry hornier than ever, if that makes sense.

Back to the point, he threw his expensive suit on the floor not even bothering to give it a second glance as he took off his boxers and got a hold of his big thick cock which made him hiss.

He was getting hard by just the thought of him pounding into Louis' tight bum-hole over and over again while imagining his large hands taking over the omega's round ass squeezing it every once in a while.

Looking down at his cock, Harry started rubbing his cock slowly at first not wanting to cum just yet since the head was leaking precum. He groaned to himself, "Fuck..." and rolled his head back with his eyes closed as he continued rubbing at the same pace.

He remembered the smell of the omega which made him growl and looked at the mirror seeing his eyes almost black with lust as he started rubbing faster while his other hand took a hold of his balls.

He imagined the short omega riding his cock and how his round ass would look while bouncing on him. He imagined how it would jiggle every time and how beautiful Louis would look with his cock inside him.

Or better yet, he thought, how about a cock down his throat? That would look fucking gorgeous.

He knows for sure that if he ever got a hold of the omega, he would destroy him in every single way. He would use his body however he liked because Louis was going to be his only and no one gets to have that ass except himself.

He would mark his body everywhere to show the whole world that Louis is his only. He's already possessive over the short blue eyed omega that he's sure he's going to lose his mind if he doesn't have him.

Louis' blue ocean eyes haunted him and he imagined spreading his semen all over his pretty face which made him growl as he felt his knot forming.

He rubbed his thumb over the head and moaned his name repeatedly as he was breathing heavily, he groaned, "Louis... Fuck!"

He then came all over his mirror and groaned as he saw the mirror filled of cum that he couldn't even see his reflection from it.

"Fucking great, just... great, now I have to clean this fucker up," he mumbled to himself as he already started cleaning it up not wanting the maids to clean it up because well he doesn't want the maids or his family to know he wanked, which is normal.

He looked at the clock on the wall and his eyes widened; he didn't know that he has been wanking for one hour straight.

Yup, he's definitely whipped.

He took a shower after he was done cleaning up his mess and wore boxers to bed thinking of a certain blue eyed omega that took his breath away... no literally.


The next day, he decided he wanted to be productive, he doesn't know where he got all this energy from but that didn't bother him at all. He wore his black shirt and skinny jeans then went to the toilet and washed his face then brushed his teeth after fixing his messy morning curls.

He went downstairs and saw his parents sitting in the living room drinking tea, as always. His father was reading a newspaper that covered his entire face and his mother was reading a magazine about fitness. His sister, Gemma, was eating her cupcake with her right hand while her left hand was busy texting, multi-tasking at 7 a.m. at its finest.

He sat down in a recliner and said, "So... um... did you get any calls from them or...?"

Anne looked at her son and kept the magazine next to her with a wide smile on her lips and said, "Isn't he gorgeous? Goodness, what a lovely omega, right Des? He's going to have such adorable pups."

Harry smiled wide that both of his dimples showed and said as he played with his rings, "Do you think he's going to... um... you know? Agree to this?"

Des put his newspaper down on his crossed legged lap and said, "Agree to what?"

Gemma chuckled and said, "I honestly think that that omega has Harry wrapped around his little finger," and continued texting.

Anne giggled and said, "Gem, be nice now," and kept her serious face on as she added, "I really hope this goes well, we want our dear Harold to have pups with that omega, just imagine how cute it would be..."

Des cut her off calmly, "Let's not get our hopes up, we still don't know if the omega would want to mate with Harry for the rest of his life, Anne..."

Anne sighed and said, "But I really want to be a grandma, I miss having kids around."

Harry went over to his mom and hugged her as he quietly, "Don't be sad mommy; you're going to have grandchildren... hopefully soon."

Gemma kept her cupcake and phone down on the table and giggled as she went over to her dad and hugged him saying, "I am going to be an aunt!"

Des couldn't help but smile at their ridiculously lovely family and said, "Yes you will be sweetie." and then they all ended up in a squishy group couch hug.

Out of nowhere, they heard their home phone ring which made Anne gasp and said, "It's probably them!" and got up immediately running to the phone and picked it up saying, "Hello?" and fixed her long brown hair flipping it to the back.

She hummed to the person on the other end of the line and said throughout the whole conversation, "Yeah... sure... of course! That's perfectly understandable. I understand. mh-hm, yup. Yeah, okay, have a nice day." and hung up then turned to see them all staring at her with anticipation.

Anne walked over to them and said slowly which made them nervous, "Well..." but then she said suddenly, "He said yes!" and squealed but then pointed a finger at them to listen and added, "But on one condition..." and sat down on the recliner.

Harry said immediately without a blink of an eye, "Anything, I will do anything."

Des said as he sat up, "What is it?"

She looked at the two of them before she looked back at Harry and the words that came out of her mouth made Harry gulp.

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