Chapter 74

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Louis looked up at him in shock and said, "Harry, it's not what it looks like, listen –"

The alpha shook his head as he took his omega's phone and unlocked it to see their messages. He came to the realization that this has happened today and all he saw was red. He growled, "It wasn't necessary for you to take his number."

Louis couldn't get up from how bad his body was aching so he stayed in his place and said, "We have an appointment with him and if I declined then he would think that I'm being arrogant."

Harry was pacing around angrily as his omega continued, "Not everyone wants me, Harry. He doesn't want me; don't you see that? He took my number in case of an emergency and I'm grateful for that."

The alpha stopped and looked at him as he said, "So it's not about you fearing that he would think you're arrogant, you're actually grateful. Am I not enough for you now?"

Louis was going to talk but Harry continued, "Why would you care about what he thinks of you? Who cares about what he thinks of you? He's not your alpha. I am."

The omega sighed as he rubbed his face and said in frustration, "I always care about what people would think of me, Harry. Whether it's an alpha, omega or a beta, I will always care," and he feels his eyes watering.

Harry sighed as he was looking at an empty space and said quietly, "Am I enough for you?"

Louis was stunned at the repeated question and it made him see how insecure his alpha really was. He said honestly, "You're more than enough for me and you should really know that by now."

Harry took a deep breath and said, "I need some fresh air, you can call Niall to come over or something. It might take a while."

Once the omega heard the door shut, he broke down crying and hid his face in his hands. He whispered to himself, "I ruined everything."


Louis ended up not finishing his food nor did he attempt to call his best friend. He was currently laying down in their bed with a hand on his baby bump and his tears never stopped from rolling down his pale cheeks. It has been five hours since he last saw his alpha and he misses him already so his only solution was to nuzzle into Harry's pillows in hopes that he would stop crying.

His phone rang and he could have sworn that he has never answered a phone call so fast in his life, "Harry?"

Justin said in confusion, "No, it's Justin, everything alright?"

Louis wanted to cry more because he thinks that he deserves it. He mumbled quietly, "Yeah, just woke up."

The blond alpha said unconvinced, "Well, you didn't answer my text and I got worried."

Since Harry apparently opened the conversation which showed that the omega read it without answering. The act was supposed to be seen as rude like the omega was ignoring him but he wasn't.

Louis blurted out, "Sorry, I must have opened it but forgot to answer. Yeah 2:00 p.m. sounds good to me."

Justin hummed and said, "Well, have a nice evening and if you need anything just call."

Louis nodded slowly even though the alpha can't see him and said quietly, "Sure, you too," and hung up. He looked down at his phone, debating whether he should call his alpha or not. He bit his bottom lip for a moment before pressing the call button and holding the phone to his ear in anticipation.

"Hey, it's Zayn, don't worry, he's with us," the alpha said as he was taking the vodka away from Harry.

Louis furrowed his eyebrows in confusion once he heard the noise in the background and said, "Where are you?"

Zayn said while fumbling to find his keys and said, "Bar, I will get him back now."

The omega took a deep breath to calm himself down and said, "How did you find him or how did he find you? I'm confused."

Zayn supported the curly haired alpha who was leaning on him lazily and said, "He kind of called me and ranted about your relationship. Tracked him down and here we are. I need to go now, bye," and hung up. He kept the phone in his back pocket and told Harry, "You're an idiot, you know that?" and helped him get into the passenger seat.

Louis kept his phone on the nightstand and rubbed his face in frustration. After a while, he decided to go downstairs to wait for the alphas to arrive while he sat on the couch. He looked through his phone in hopes that he would get distracted but it was so hard when he's worried sick for his alpha.

When he heard the door get unlocked, he got up slowly and made his way over to the door where he saw the two alphas step in. Zayn was carrying the alpha on his shoulder and said, "Tell him that he owes me," and went upstairs by the stairs instead of the elevator.

Louis watched as his alpha was being carried and leaned his back against the wall for support. He rubbed his neck nervously, waiting for his best friend's mate to come downstairs so that he could thank him properly.

Once Zayn came downstairs, he said immediately, "T-Thank you for everything," and looked down, not being able to look at him in the eye. He was the reason for his best friend's bad mood today and would understand if Zayn was pissed at him for it.

The raven haired alpha looked at him for a moment and said, "Don't thank me, I just did what anyone would have done. Take care of yourself, will ya?" the key that he used to get inside was Harry's so he kept it on the table and said, "Lock yourself in," and left.

Louis took the key from the table once the alpha left and locked himself in just as he was asked to. He got into the elevator and asked himself, "It's not that big of a deal, just a few drinks, right?"

When he reached his floor, he went to their bedroom and saw his alpha sprawled out in the bed. He went over to him and said softly, "It's hard to be mad at you when you look so adorable like this," and took off his boots one by one then kept them aside. He started undressing him because he knew that his alpha would feel uncomfortable when he wakes up.

Harry was left with only his boxers when his omega tucked him in. He closed the lights and left the room to sleep in the guest room.

The smell of alcohol didn't allow him to sleep at night.

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