Chapter 4

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Harry gulped and stuttered, "H-He what?" and coughed in his fist to stop his stuttering.

Anne repeated, "He wants to spend the weekend with you, I thought you would be happy!"

It's not that Harry didn't want to spend the weekend with Louis. He really wanted to be around that lovely alluring omega but he didn't know if he would be able to control himself around Louis. This is the first time that he met an omega and he couldn't even control his obvious boner. Louis was just out of this world that Harry still thinks that he's in some kind of a fantasy world that doesn't exist.

But the thing is that, it does exist and Harry is more than happy to be able to live in it.

Des patted Harry's back and said, "Anne, I think it's time," and Anne nodded as she sat up and nodded to Des to start talking.

Please don't give me the sex talk, please don't give me the sex talk, He pleaded repeatedly in his head until his father interrupted his thoughts by saying, "Son, I think it's time to remind you about the sex talk."

Oh god no.

Harry watched his sister with a pleading look that said, Get me out of here!

Gemma stood up immediately with her hands in the air and said, "Good luck Harry, I am out of here," and left immediately before she could get an answer back while Harry was watching her leave and thought to himself, I better find an escape before they start.

Des said calmly while leaning back into the couch, "You can do this son, you can knot him and don't forget to leave the bite mark on his neck so it would be more visible –"

And that's when Harry interrupted him by saying, "Okay dad!" and laughed nervously as he added, "I need to prepare my bag for the... um... weekend, yes." and stood up which made Anne stand up with him and say, "I will help you!"

Harry shook his head as he held her shoulders making her sit next to Des and said, "I got this mom, no worries!" and gave her a small smile then left the living room going upstairs into his room and started packing his bag immediately.

Anne kept her hand on her heart as she watched him leave and said, "My baby is all grown up now, look how long his hair is now, remember his short curls, honey?" and looked over at Des.

He nodded adjusting his glasses with a fond smile and said, "They grow up so fast, next thing you know, this house will be filled with our grandchildren," and chuckled.

Anne cooed at the thought looking around and imagining what it would be like for their family to be extended and said softly, "I hope so."

She always thought, the more the merrier.


The days went by slower than usual for Harry, maybe because all he could think about was Louis this, Louis that, the usual. He couldn't even sleep last night because he was excited for the next day in the morning to see Louis, or maybe because he just went to bed earlier than usual just so that he could wake up early.

But he did get himself to sleep though, just so that he doesn't ruin his day tomorrow for staying up late.

The next day though was interesting for our dear Harold, he woke up with a smile; he was actually smiling. Harry was never a morning person so that was just unusual of him but he had an excuse because he was going to see the omega with blue eyes that haunted his dream and not to mention made him hornier than ever.

He took a long shower to get himself smelling like strawberries, which was normal. Then after he was done, he brushed his teeth and dried his hair while looking at the mirror and ruffling his curls everywhere before he pushed his hair back.

He made sure to keep deodorant before he looked through his closet for something to wear until he decided to wear black skinny jeans with a blue baggy sweater with his light brown boots that he absolutely adores. He then kept cologne but not too much so that he wouldn't choke the little omega with the strong smell.

But then he thought, it would be nice to choke his soon to be omega with his cock down his throat and how it would be such a delightful sight for the alpha to encounter.

Then there's this side of the alpha who just wants to cuddle the tiny adorable omega in his arms, on a couch, in front of a fireplace and keep him warm while breathing in his sweet scent.

He sighed as he looked at the mirror deciding on what to do with his hair now that he already wore his clothes and so that his hair wouldn't be ruined from changing his sweater. In the end, he decided on styling his hair back which made a few curls show on both sides of his head which he didn't mind and it didn't look bad either.

He heard the front door opening downstairs and turned around as he made his way downstairs immediately with a wide smirk spreading over his lips because he knew that he was going to see the omega right now.

He felt the air leave his lungs when he saw the breathless omega right there, in his front door looking dashing than ever which made his lips part for a moment.

How does he do it? He asked himself as he walked down the stairs scanning him slowly taking in every detail of him, saving it in his memory.

He saw that sinful black skinny jeans that was so damn tight on his hips and thighs and all he wanted to do was take it off of him and spank him over and over again till his tanned skin turns red. The jeans complimented his curves perfectly and boy did Harry want to touch those curves in his large hands and squeeze them.

He looked up at his purple/blueish sweater that fits him perfectly and yet makes him look cuddly and adorable which he couldn't help but smile. His hair was styled in a cute fringe that Louis was fixing ever-so-cutely.

When Harry was in front of him now, he looked down at him with a grin watching how the fringe kept getting in his eyes so he helped him fix his fringe off of his eyes and said, "Oops."

That got the omega's attention as he looked up at Harry with his blue ocean eyes with a lovely smile on his thin lips and said, "Hi."

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