Chapter 75

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Wednesday came faster than expected and the couple were still not talking to each other. The alpha still made sure that his omega took his vitamins every single day despite their earlier disagreements. Harry still cooked for them but the atmosphere just wasn't the same as before and it scared the omega deeply.

Louis wanted to cuddle his alpha but he knew deep in his heart that he doesn't deserve it. He needed to be his strong arms but he knew that he would get rejected and he keeps on telling himself that it would get better.

It didn't.

Harry still went to work and Louis still stayed at home throughout the week. They both slept in different bedrooms even when their bond marks ached for them to be close. The omega would stay up either writing in his diary about his insomnia or just crying about how he messed things up.

The alpha, on the other hand, would lay on his back while looking at the ceiling at 3 in the morning. He would wake up to work exhausted but still kept a straight face around his co-workers. His mind would wander over his pregnant omega back home but he would never admit it out loud.

Today, however, was a different day. Louis rested his small hand on his lower back as he made his way over to his alpha's office. He took a deep breath and stopped for a moment before knocking on his door.

"Come in," Harry said as he was typing on his laptop furiously and looking through a stack of papers.

Louis walked into the room and said quietly, "The appointment is in half an hour..."

The alpha stopped typing and looked up at his omega for what seemed like the first time this week. He cleared his throat while he continued typing and said, "I cancelled. You can go rest."

Louis froze in his spot and asked in confusion, "W-What? I already wore my clothes –"

Harry said while his eyes never left the screen, "You heard me, is there a problem?" and looked up at him.

The omega furrowed his eyebrows and said, "I was just excited to see our triplets, if you want another doctor then I really don't mind. I just want to see them."

Harry saved his document, emailed it and said, "I don't think any doctor is available for you tonight," and stacked the papers in the appropriate files.

Louis looked down at his baby bump and said in a hurt tone, "Don't treat me like that."

The alpha said innocently, "I have no idea what you're talking about. Anything else?" and looked up at him.

The omega wanted to say something but shook his head and left the room then closed the door behind him. He took a deep breath to calm himself down, the last thing he needs is for the triplets to get hurt. He doesn't want his hormones getting in the way of keeping his triplets safe.

Louis went to the guest room and tried to read a book to get his mind off of things but all he could think about was going to a doctor. He closed the book with a sigh and mumbled to himself, "I'm out of here."

A few minutes later, Louis was in the limo with the chauffeur driving just to be safe. He looked outside and saw how beautiful the city was which made him smile while resting his head against the cold window. An album was playing in the background but he was too exhausted to remember the name of it.

Being stuck at home this whole week made him almost go insane and he needed to get out. It wasn't winter anymore for months now but it was still a bit cold outside. He's not sure anymore where they were heading but he hoped that he would be able to fall asleep once he's home.

Go down, soft sound, midnight, car lights.

That's all the omega heard before his eyes felt heavy and fell asleep with his hands over his baby bump protectively. He still doesn't remember which album was it.


"The omega told me to drive him around so I did and once he fell asleep, I brought him back," The chauffeur explained himself calmly.

Harry had his arms crossed over his chest as he looked at his pregnant omega who was still asleep in the car and said, "He didn't want to go anywhere else?"

The chauffeur shook his head and said, "No, just had some trouble sleeping, I guess," and handed the alpha the car keys then walked away.

Harry slowly opened the car door so that he doesn't startle his omega and picked him up in his arms bridal style. He closed the door with his leg and locked the car with the keys then started walking inside.

Once the alpha sniffed his mate's calming scent, he realized that he doesn't want to let him go. He knew that his previous actions were uncalled for but he was fighting off his omega's scent that gave him peace. He set him down in the middle of their bed because he doesn't want him to sleep in that guest room anymore.

Harry moved the fringe off of his face and said softly, "You drive me insane but I love you and our triplets so much," and slowly started undressing him into his pajamas. He found his phone in his hoodie and kept it on the nightstand. He kept the covers over his body, stood up from the bed and undressed until he was only wearing his boxers.

They say that curiosity killed the cat but Harry is no cat, that he was sure of. He took his mate's phone and unlocked it to check his recent text messages. He knows that he's most probably overstepping a boundary but he doesn't care at the moment. He furrowed his eyebrows while he kept on scrolling up and down to find Justin's number but that's when he realized that the omega blocked his number with an app.

The last text the omega sent to him was:

I love my husband and if he doesn't want me to interact with you then I won't.

Question of the day: Did you think that Harry should have talked to his omega that way? Why do you think that Louis finally stopped talking to Justin?

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