Chapter 8

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Harry was watching Louis sleep peacefully on the couch until his phone rang and checked the caller ID which was anonymous. He furrowed his eyebrows as he stood up from the couch and made his way out of the living room as he answered the call and said, "Hello?"

"Hello, Mr. Styles, I am from the company that takes care of omegas around the world. We've been informed that you are going to marry or in other words, mate with this omega. Is that right?"

Harry looked back seeing that his omega was still asleep then looked away as he said, "Yes that's right, why are you asking?"

"We have this theory that we should add another alpha in there somewhere where he or she would live with you. Since omegas are rare, we suggest that two or three alphas should share one omega..."

Harry shook his head in confusion and said, "My father hasn't told me anything about that, we do not need another alpha, I don't want want to share my omega."

"Well that's unfortunate because you will be doing everyone a favor if you did, do you want to apply and we would email you everything? You could check our website too and you could pick the alpha yourself..."

Harry's eyes turned red, almost black from anger and jealousy at the thought of having to share his omega with another alpha. He said in his alpha voice, "What part of I don't want it didn't you understand?! Seriously, don't ever call me again or else there will be serious consequences."

"Mr. Styles, the omega should be taken care of by fulfilling his or her needs and we have this theory that it's going to be possible if we added another alpha. At the same time we will be doing the world a favor and I'm sure the other alpha would love to join your little family...–"

Harry interrupted his bitterly and said, "You know what? Fuck you and your stupid theories, good day," then hung up.

Louis stood up and made his way upstairs without the alpha seeing him while he was still taking the call. He was sniffling and his pointy nose was red from crying, he went to the toilet and locked himself there trying to calm down.

It was all a big misunderstanding but Louis didn't know that of course. He thought that this was someone who was trying to steal his mate away from him and his omega instincts kicked in which made him emotional out of a sudden.

He was never the kind to get emotional that quick, he would be the kind to hide his pain or contain his tears but he did not know why he broke down like that. It was in his opinion, quite embarrassing. He just wanted the alpha all to himself, he couldn't imagine him with someone else, just the thought of that was like worse than a punch in the gut.

Harry walked into the living and he was confused since he couldn't see the omega in the couch anymore. He was afraid that he heard the conversation and thought that he was a selfish alpha for not wanting to fulfill his needs by adding another alpha into their lives. He called out, "Louis? Baby, where are you?" and started walking around the house in search of him as he called out his name repeatedly.

Louis froze as he heard Harry's voice calling out his name but he didn't know if he should respond or not since he was afraid that his voice would crack and Harry would know that he has been crying. He sniffled as he washed his face trying to make his face look normal or to at least stop being pink from all the crying he shed.

Why was he so emotional? He absolutely had no idea why but he just shut his eyes trying to take a few deep breaths as he mumbled to himself, "This is stupid, so stupid..." and hugged his waist trying to calm down his breathing. 

The alpha soon heard crying come from the toilet and his heart broke. He slowly made his way to the toilet and rested his forehead against it and said quietly, "Baby, are you in there? I didn't know you woke up."

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