Chapter 17

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When the alpha drove the omega home, he carried him inside bridal style which made the omega squeal with a blush on his now pink cheeks as he held onto his alpha's neck for support even though the alpha wouldn't ever let him fall.

It was one of those nights where it wasn't snowing but there was snow everywhere and the wind was brushing through their hairs which made the alpha even more protective over his pregnant omega so he was quick to get the two of them inside as fast as possible before his mate would get the flu but Louis was cutely giggling at how fast Harry was walking.

When he got inside, there was a huge Christmas tree with tons of gifts under it waiting for them. Both families were there laughing and drinking hot beverages like Yorkshire tea or hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Everyone was in their Christmas spirit, wearing their Christmas jumpers and laughing to one another. Mark and Des were bonding over the football match since they both were rooting for England to win, no shocker there.

Harry cleared his throat so that everyone would stop what they're doing and notice their arrival. They all turned to look at them as they walked into the living room where the Christmas tree was along with the colourful gifts under it.

Anne clapped her hands together excitedly and said, "You guys are finally here! We can now all open the gifts together!"

Harry smiled then sat down on one of the empty couches with his omega on his lap and said, "Perfect timing then," and kissed Louis' cheek as he cuddled into his arms cutely.

Jay and Mark were now sitting next to each other in one of the couches while Des was sitting next to Gemma in another couch that was facing them. Anne was handing out presents to everyone excitedly because she just loves watching everyone's reaction when they open their presents.

Present after present, Louis had a mountain of presents on one side and they were mostly from his alpha. The others had a reasonable amount but Louis had the most because let's face it, the alpha would buy him a store and wrap every gift himself if that meant that his omega would be happy.

Harry ordered the butler to take his omega's presents to his room so the butler had to take at least three trips from the living room to Louis' room to keep all Louis' gifts there.

Gemma said out of nowhere, "So, Harry... did you have anything that you wanted to tell us tonight?" then took a sip from her hot chocolate and hid her smirk as she looked from Harry to Louis.

The reason why Gemma knew about the pregnancy was because she knows how to get information out of her little brother by asking him tons of questions that requires him to answer by a yes or a no so he couldn't lie about his omega's pregnancy.

Louis bit his bottom lip because she knew what Gemma was talking about so he stopped hiding in Harry's neck and looked up at him to show him that he's ready to tell them before they find out by themselves.

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