Chapter 37

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[A/N]: These boys are trying to kill me, DROPPING DMD WHILE I AM ASLEEP LIKE WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO DESERVE THIS? This chapter is dedicated to this music video and I really hope that we hit the vevo record. Refresh not replay. Enjoy this chapter. xx

Today was the day that both of the omegas were going back to University and they were being extra lazy.

Louis whined against the pillow, "But I need to sleep, Harry, please," and frowned cutely while he peeked one eye open tiredly at his alpha.

Harry sighed as he kept his hands on his own hips and said, "Then who's going to attend those classes?"

Louis shut his eyes again and said, "Please, just five more minutes, darling."

Harry watched at how comfortable his poor omega looked then sighed and said, "Fine, I'm making us breakfast and I'll be back," and left the room.

When the curly haired alpha got into the kitchen, he started making some breakfast and made sure that he made enough for everyone including the pups that were growing inside of the omegas.

Liam got into the kitchen with a yawn and said, "Niall's being difficult, I feel like just letting him drop out of University and make him just raise my pups at home."

Harry looked back at Liam and said, "And what's the good in that?" then added, "Could you continue cooking this?"

Liam sighed and said, "It's just that he looks so innocent and tired. How can I wake him up when he's looking like Sleeping Beauty?" and went over to where Harry was to continue cooking.

Harry got his curly hair in a perfect bun as he laughed and said, "I know how you feel, pal. Louis is just so tiny and cuddly so I have to resist the urge to cuddle him in bed," and started setting up the table with a fond smile on his face at the thought of his precious sleepy omega.

Liam shook his head with a chuckle and said, "The things we do for our omegas."

Meanwhile, there's Zayn who's spooning the pregnant omega because he isn't bothered to wake up this early on a Monday morning.

The omega would just cuddle back happily because the alpha was just so warm and it feels nice to get spooned every once in a while.

When the food was ready after a couple of minutes, Harry went upstairs to get Louis to wake up while Liam kept the food on the table along with the plates.

The alpha got into the room to see the omega still asleep with the blankets hugging his body because it was just so cold and the blankets felt so warm.

It just wasn't fair at all in Louis' opinion.

Harry sat down at the edge of the bed and whispered while rubbing his thumb over his omega's cheekbones, "Baby, wake up."

Louis looked up at him with a cute pout and said, "It wasn't even five minutes, not fair."

Harry gasped and said, "Liam and I cooked breakfast then set up the table which took us at least twenty-five minutes or more, let's be real here," and chuckled because his omega was being a silly kitten.

Louis sighed and shut his eyes for a moment before he gave up so he slowly sat up on the bed then rubbed his tired eyes. He yawned and hid his yawn behind his cute tiny fist that made him look like a cute cuddly kitten while one of his shoulders was revealed from the oversized jumper he borrowed from Harry which showed off his collarbones.

Harry felt bad for even waking him up because he looked so beautiful with his hair all messy but in a cute way and he watched him slowly rub his tiny baby bump which made his heart warm.

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