Chapter 6

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Louis' heart was beating out of his chest at how close the alpha was to the point that their chests were touching yet he couldn't take his eyes off of him.

Harry then brought his hands down from the omega's hips to his ass squeezing the cheeks gently making the omega gasp at how large his hands were. He shut his eyes for a moment as he felt slick leaking from his bum-hole and moaned as Harry continued to squeeze more loving how they jiggle in his hands.

Louis blushed as he slowly wiggled out of his arms and said quietly, "I... I need to go to the toilet," because he knew at that moment that his heat has arrived.

He then immediately made his way to the toilet and locked the door as he held the sink with both hands and started breathing heavily with his eyes shut tightly.

The omega kept cursing under his breath about how stupid he was but the thing is that, his heat came early this time. He always knew when his heats would arrive but he definitely did not expect it to come at a time like this.

Harry then he slowly turned around and heard the door shut which made him blink in shock. He, indeed, did not know what happened to the omega that made him lock himself up in the toilet since he knows nothing about omegas at all.

The alpha then made his way to the toilet, though he did not know where the toilet was but he sniffed in Louis' strong scent until he found it and slowly knocked on the door and said, "I'm... sorry, I won't rush into things if you don't want to..."

Louis listened to every word that the alpha said and said quietly, "N-no, I... um... something happened," and pouted as he looked down at his bottom through the mirror seeing a wet stain.

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion not understanding what the omega meant by that so he said, "What happened?" standing up straight and getting closer to the door wanting to hear what he's going to say.

Louis gulped with a blush forming on his cheeks as he said, "It's... it's embarrassing, never mind, I will... fix it," and he knew it was a lie because he can't just fix something like that in a blink of an eye but he was willing to try.

More slick was forming as he took off his jeans kicking it off on the floor before picking it up and keeping it in the laundry basket.

When the omega took off his jeans, the smell became stronger and it could be smelt through the door which made Harry groan. This time the smell was different and intoxicating that it made the alpha hard in seconds.

Harry growled, "Open the door, Louis. Fuck, you smell good," and held his crotch through his jeans tightly wanting to stop himself but the smell was driving him crazy that he wasn't even in his right mind.

It made the omega stare at the bathroom door in shock with wide eyes because he didn't know what to do. More slick was forming by just Harry's voice and he wanted him, actually no he needed him.

His boxers were wet more which made him take it off and keep it in the laundry basket leaving him with just his shirt. Both of his hands and forehead were resting against the bathroom door as he was breathing in his soon to be alpha's smell.

It's not just the alphas who could go crazy over an omega's smell, it also happened the other way around.

"I c-can't open the door right now, c-can you bring me some pants from my bag? Please...?" and shut his eyes tightly not wanting the alpha's smell or the alpha himself to leave but he knew he had to.

Harry groaned as he sniffed some more and said, "Fine, which bag?" and stopped grabbing his crotch standing up straight instead of leaning his head to the door.

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