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Bullet In The Dark // Larry AU by harrysnightingale
Bullet In The Dark // Larry AUby r
Louis Tomlinson presented as an omega at the age of 14. The Styles' triplets presented as three strong alphas at the age of 15. They met under less than desirable circ...
Rogue || A/B/O universe √ by Laventriloque
Rogue || A/B/O universe √by Laventriloque
"If I catch your scum rogue ass on our territory again I'll rip your head off, is that clear?" The Alpha order tainting his words are so deep and intense it m...
Bleeding Pawprints in the Snow [Larry \Niam\Zouis] A/B/O Short Story by Harri-Boo
Bleeding Pawprints in the Snow [ Hi There :3
Harry and Liam find Louis in the snow bleeding...Why is that? Alpha! Harry Alpha! Liam Alpha! Zayn(yes, he's in the story too) Beta! Perrie(I don't care that they broke...
Enter the Rose Garden by angelichl
Enter the Rose Gardenby larry stylinson <3
Soft heats make omega Louis clingy. Alpha Harry comforts him. (a/b/o dynamics, friends to lovers, falling in love, cuddling)
The Lost Little Omega  by LarryLove_xox
The Lost Little Omega by Larrylove_xox
A lost little Omega named Louis is thrown out by his parents , he's gone for days until an unknown Alpha comes across a sweet scent among the woods.
No such thing as too many by swaggmasterlouis
No such thing as too manyby swaggmasterlirry
Louis and Harry never meant for it to happen. They weren't like, "Hey! We should have a baby at 16! That sounds fun!" Not at all. They most certainly didn't...
The Bet - L.S. (Omega!Louis Alpha!Harry) {Completed} by _Just_Elli_
The Bet - L.S. (Omega!Louis _Just_Elli_
{Completed} Louis is omega. That makes him one of the lowest of the werewolf ranks. With being an omega comes obeying basically every beta, but especially alpha. Not for...
Paper houses by swaggmasterlouis
Paper housesby swaggmasterlirry
In a world of late bloomers and early bloomers, Louis was definitely a late bloomer. Going into heat at the age of twenty was definitely classified as late blooming. To...
fallingforyou / / larry abo by butterflyonthetummy
fallingforyou / / larry aboby k
the one where alpha harry meets his coworker's omega nephew and immediately knows the small boy is his soul-mate. alpha!harry omega!louis
Angel Face (triplets!styles and fem!louis) by harryinlove
Angel Face (triplets!styles and harryinlove
Louis is a sassy omega who's the captain of the cheer squad. Harry, Edward and Marcel so happen to be alphas who are the star players of the football team who continue...
Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat (Larry Stylinson) by angelichl
Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat ( larry stylinson <3
Harry is 98% sure Louis hates him. So he feels like his bewilderment is justified when the omega offers to help him through his rut. Alpha Harry, Omega Louis.
Daddy's Wittle Boy(Larry Stylinson) by gwapo2005
Daddy's Wittle Boy(Larry Stylinson)by gwapo2005
So hey guyssss, sorry in advance if I ever have wrong grammars here. English isn't my first language so pls bare with me😂😁 Louis Tomlinson. A shy omega who works at a...
You keep me calm by Kazzame4
You keep me calmby Kazzame4
The boys are heading on vacation! Harry notices that Louis is starting to act oddly but can't put his finger on why. He seems to be much more emotional than his normal s...
My big alphas by bananas4apound
My big alphasby Stina Eriksson
Louis centric. Louis is an omega who is starting a new college and it's not just any college but it's a college for only werewolves. Louis hopes to find his mate there b...
FALLING  by Jayden436
FALLING by Silly_goose567
In which Louis and Liam and brothers and after there parents died in a plane crash they decided to move to homes chapel (Liam is a alpha Louis is a omega) Harry,Edward...
Dangerous Illusion by Alexa_tstyles
Dangerous Illusionby Alexa_Styles
"You killed four alphas, including two guards." The alpha spoke for the first time his voice filled with authority. "Yes I did, they were stupid and weak...
Larry stylinson smut by Sofiasummerss
Larry stylinson smutby Sofiasummerss
These are NOT written by me, but here are some larry smuts:)
Change Of Mind by jbrik94
Change Of Mindby jbrik94
When two homeless broken omegas find there way into three selfish alphas lives.
My Tiny Omega Smut Collection by prplheadedyogrtslngr
My Tiny Omega Smut Collectionby Louis' Tallywhacker
A collection of smut for : "My Tiny Omega" by: prettylittlelouiss : These are all of my smuts, just written for the book.
Secrets - L.S. {Completed} by _Just_Elli_
Secrets - L.S. {Completed}by _Just_Elli_
{Discontinued/Completed} Louis is a male omega. Omegas are the lowest ranked werewolves and there to pleas alphas and for breeding. But Louis can't get pregnant. So he d...