Chapter 13

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When Louis reached the car, he got into the passenger seat with a smile and said, "Hey baby," then leaned in and pecked Harry's cheek.

He then kept his bag under his feet, leaned back into the chair and then fixed his fringe while Harry was watching him.

The alpha was having an internal battle on whether or not he should tell his omega about the phone call.

The omega felt his alpha's eyes on him then looked at him and said softly, "Everything alright?" since Harry didn't even speak or say hi back.

Harry blinked then took a deep breath while looking somewhere else then looked down and said, "We need to talk."

Louis' lips trembled then he bit on his bottom lip so that he doesn't cry because he knows this might end up in a break up. He felt a lump in his throat as he looked down at his hands that were ball-fisted on his thighs as he said quietly, "Um... o-okay," and was preparing himself for the storm as he took a deep breath.

Harry, of course, didn't notice because he wasn't looking at Louis' direction, he was too busy looking around. He said out of nowhere, "Remember that weekend we had not so long ago? Yeah... um... you caught me on the phone with someone and I never got to tell you who it was. Not that it mattered, I guess but..."

Louis furrowed his eyebrows trying not to cry, he now thinks that Harry is going to break up with him so that he goes back to his ex or something.

Harry continued, "... so that person called me today and I think that you have the right to know who it was, Lou. I can't keep hiding things from you and just ignore the problem because I've learned that ignoring the problem won't make it go away," and then took a deep breath.

Louis was now fiddling with his jumper and was biting his bottom lip hard because he knows that this is it, he's going to die alone with probably 10 cats with nothing but misery and loneliness, he can almost imagine it from now.

"It's the company that supposedly takes care of omegas all around the world. They've been informed that I will be mating with an omega so they wanted me to add another alpha to our little family since omegas are rare and they thought it would be a good idea so the choice is yours, it's not mine. I mean if you want another alpha that's fine because I might not be enough for you or anything and -"

Louis looked at him in shock and it felt like a huge weight was lifted off of his shoulders. He whispered, "w-what?" and his eyes were wide as he tilted his head to the side.

By now, Harry's lips were dry so he licked his lips as he looked at Louis and said, "I... do you want another alpha around?" and gulped as he looked at him.

Louis said immediately, "No, course not, you're enough for me, Harry. I don't need another alpha, it was really hard for me to pick one alpha out of all of them so if I got a random alpha, I might lose my mind," he was really picky and wouldn't just accept anyone.

Harry sighed in relief and finally smiled which showed off his dimples. He whispered, "Thank you, oh god, I am so lucky to have you," and hugged Louis into his arms which the omega giggled at Harry reaction and hugged him back while resting his head on his shoulder.

Harry then pulled away and said, "Tell this man that you don't want another alpha alright?" as he already got his phone out and started dialing the man's number then kept it on speaker.

"Hello, Mr. Styles, I really hope that you've talked to your omega about -"

Harry rolled his eyes and interrupted him, "Yes, I did and he's now actually next to me. Tell him what you told me, baby."

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