Chapter 18

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The next morning, Louis fluttered his eyes open and looked around. He smiled down at his alpha who was sleeping peacefully with his curls on the pillow so beautifully. He slowly caressed his curls out of his face and felt lucky to have someone who is as beautiful as Harry inside and out.

Louis looked over at the stack of gifts that were like a mountain shaped in the corner of the room. He smiled to himself as he looked down at Harry who made all of this possible.

He looked down at his hand that was caressing Harry's hair with and saw the ring that Harry gave him last night, it was so precious that he was scared that he might wake up and not see the ring there anymore on the bed side table.

He blushed when he remembered yesterday's events where Harry was pounding into his hole until it was Christmas at midnight while wearing his ring and it was just so beautiful, it was everything that Louis ever wanted in an alpha.

And most importantly, he was pregnant with Harry's baby and it was all just new to him. He then brought his hand from Harry's hair to his flat tummy and started rubbing it slowly as he whispered, "My babies..." and smiled to himself.

This was so perfect that he was scared that something might come and ruin everything but he didn't know what it might be.

Harry groaned when Louis took his hands off of hair because he really liked his omega's gentle touches. He wrapped his arms around Louis' waist and brought him into his arms and whispered, "Touch my hair, please?"

Louis giggled and gasped when Harry brought him into his arms but of course, the alpha was careful with his omega's tummy that had the babies there. He smiled at him fondly as he brushed his fingers through his curls and started playing with them while Harry still had his eyes closed.

The alpha hummed with a smile making his dimple show and leaned into his omega's delicate hands as they brushed through his curls. He said quietly, "You're amazing, you know that?" and slowly fluttered his eyes open to look at Louis who gave him a small smile while he was in the middle of admiring Harry's face.

Louis said quietly, "Not as amazing as you are, you should give yourself some credit for being so bloody brilliant," and leaned close kissing him softly.

Harry brought him close by wrapping one of his free arms around his omega's waist and kissed him back ever so gently. He whispered against his lips, "Your ass is bloody brilliant," and smacked one of his butt-cheeks making him gasp with a blush.

To try and change the subject because he knew it might lead to something else. He patted his chest and said, "Let's take a shower; we're both naked and sticky. These sheets needs to be cleaned by the maids," and got out of bed earning a whine from his alpha.

Louis was fully naked as he got out of bed so beautifully. The alpha took a moment to appreciate his body, every piece of him. He looked at his tanned skin along with his perfect curves as he walked into the toilet with his butt-cheeks moving up and down then growled when he saw his handprint that he just made on one of his butt-cheeks.

The alpha stood up then followed his omega into the toilet while he watched him turning the shower on and was checking if it was warm enough for him to step into the shower.

Harry held his waist bringing him back into his chest and whispered in his ear, "You're so fucking beautiful," and kissed his neck softly which made the omega shiver with his eyes closed.

Louis said quietly, "You're not so bad yourself," then slowly turned around to face Harry and held his hand to bring him into the shower with him.

They ended up making out while they cleaned each other up because they just can't keep their hands off of each other. One thing led to another and Harry fucked him against the shower wall because Louis with water all over him was a huge turn on.

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