Chapter 58 + Long author's note about plagiarism

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[A/N]: Sorry for everything and all the drama that I put you guys through. I feel like a horrible human being sometimes but I have to do what I have to do.

Look, FEW of you might think 'What the hell it's not plagiarism if she changed two words in that one sentence' but in all honesty, it is and I even asked my professor who has a PhD in literature so I think he would know more.

For the author who stole from me, ignored my messages (Never replied in the first place), blocked me, what you did was wrong but I forgive you because you probably didn't mean to or didn't think it'd be plagiarism. She changed her username and I think put the fan fiction down but I can't tell.

For the girl who I don't know if she's the author but in another account or her friend but you trying to convince me that it wasn't plagiarism was a fail but thank you for blocking me anyway. Your dad is probably not even a lawyer because I asked my professor about it and he laughed at how ridiculous you sounded.

I told him about the whole thing and he said that if you stole an idea, a sentence (Even if you changed two words), a concept, it's still plagiarism. Your father of a lawyer should have known that and to be frank, it has nothing to do with law at all. All lawyers have to do is sue the person for it and get money off of it like they're not the ones who have STUDIED about it in university. Law is more about politics than about literature, it's like saying a chef knows more about science than an actual scientist.

I am not saying lawyers shouldn't be taken seriously but their profession is just so different and you calling plagiarism an actual crime made the professor even say, "Does she even know how law works?" but thank you for trying anyway.

She even told me that a lot of fan fictions start with the way I started and accused me of stealing from them like honey, are you that stupid? I even asked her to link me some of the "A LOT" of fan fictions but she didn't which shows that she's an absolute liar. Don't talk about something that you don't know about without at least some evidence. You know the judge in court wouldn't approve of your words, it's either you can prove it in court or you can't at all. Your dad should have taught you that while he was at it. That's if your dad is even a lawyer.

Next time, don't blurt out things that you have no knowledge about. Also, thank you and have a nice day. xx

The next day, Harry was feeding his omega some of the hospital food that the nurse brought earlier.

Louis lightly pushed his alpha's hand away from his face and whispered, "No more, please?" and frowned adorably.

Harry sighed as he set the spoon into the bowl and said, "It's good for our babies, they'll grow and –"

"And I will explode then put the blame on you," even though it sounded like he was whining but he honestly loves the attention and frankly, right now, he didn't need to eat more.

When the alpha set the bowl on the table, he held his hand and cooed, "You won't, I promise you that," and kissed his knuckles then added, "We kind of need to talk."

Louis sat up in worry which made his alpha arrange the pillows for him from behind and asked cautiously, "About...?"

Harry rubbed his omega's right thigh and said, "I made a promise to God that if you and our pups made it out alive then..." For a second he stopped himself to take a deep breath then added as he looked down at his large hand that had his engagement ring, "Then I'll stop working in the office, and so my father requested that I could work from home if I wanted to. If there were any significant work, then I'd show up but other than that, I can stay home with you."

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