Chapter 49

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Once they got to Wendy's, they all picked a booth that fit all five of them. Louis and Niall were excited to order as they scanned the menu.

The alphas were doing the same but minus the excitement. Harry was still in a possessive mood so he whenever an alpha would walk by their table, he'd keep a close eye on him or her just to make sure they don't even dare to make a move.

Zayn and Liam were both thinking of who the daddy might be, but it's not like it would bother them, rather they were just curious.

When the waiter came to take their order, Harry brought his Omega in his arms for a cuddle and told the waiter both of their orders.

The others did the same too, and the waiter nodded then left to give the orders to the chef.

Since Niall was in between his alphas, he was getting cuddled from both sides, not that he would complain about it.

Liam said out of nowhere, "I miss my restaurant, you know? Cooking for people and seeing their faces when they taste my food. That's one of the best feelings ever."

Niall awed at his alpha and said, "Liam, why are you so adorable?" and hugged his waist.

Zayn smiled fondly at them and said, "Once we buy a house in the city, you will get to cook all you want."

Niall gasped as he pulled away from Liam and said, "I just remembered something," then turned to Louis and asked, "We're moving back to the city and since we're all done with finals, do you want to tag along? I mean, after graduation, of course."

Louis looked up at Harry then back at Niall and said, "I don't know if..."

Harry interrupted his Omega and said, "My work is actually in the city, it just takes 30 minutes from here to there."

The alpha then looked down at his Omega and added, "It's not that far so if you feel like moving there near our families then I wouldn't mind at all."

Louis smiled as he looked up at his alpha then looked at Niall and said, "It would be great. This place is way too empty, and it brings back many bad memories. It doesn't feel like home," and hid his face in Harry's arms because he smells like home.

Niall squealed and clapped his hands happily as he said, "Yay! I knew he would agree," and cuddled Zayn while Liam kept a hand on his omega's thighs.

The alpha kissed his omega's hair and whispered, "I think it would be best if we start thinking of baby names from now. Whenever a name pops into your head, always tell me, alright?"

Louis nodded against his alpha's chest and said, "You're right," then looked up at him and added, "I can't think of one right now, but once I do, I'll tell you."

Harry rubbed the omega's hips slowly and nodded then whispered in his ear, "Just the thought of what we did today got me wishing I didn't leave the house or the room for that matter."

The omega's cheeks were now pink and looked around making sure that no one was noticing this. He whispered back, "Be patient now," and kissed his neck softly.

Harry squeezed his omega's curvy hips and said against his neck, "I'm hard as a rock, I can't be patient."

Louis shut his eyes for a moment before nodding and said, "Meet me in the toilet at 5," before he was going to pull away, Harry brought him back gently and said, "Or we could go together."

The Omega nodded at that and said, "That too," then they both walked to the toilet together and were acting normal.

Once they got inside, Harry checked all the stalls to check if anyone was in there. Then, he picked the last stall while his Omega was following behind.

Louis locked the stall and got down on his knees in front of Harry. He has never sucked a dick before so it will be challenging but he thought it would be easier than sex because he knows that he can be loud.

Drawing attention was the last thing that the omega needed right now.

The alpha unzipped his skinny jeans and brought them down along with his boxers. He said in concern, "Are you sure you can...?"

Louis nodded as he took his alpha's cock in his petite hands and said, "Guide me through it if I did it wrong."

Harry nodded and watched as his Omega sucked on the head of his cock that made him roll his head against the door with his eyes shut. He moaned deeply, "Fuck, Lou."

The Omega was nervous but he was still determined to make sure that his alpha gets pleasured. He licked from the bottom of his cock till the head and sucked harshly on it while blinking up at his alpha innocently.

His blue eyes watched him as he took his cock into his mouth and started bobbing his head while taking it one step at a time.

When the alpha looked down at his innocent omega sucking his cock, he growled as quietly as he could and said, "I could cum by just looking at you, you know that?"

Louis grabbed a hold of his balls gently while blinking up at him through his dark eyelashes. From his alpha's words, it encouraged him to take more of his length into his mouth and hollowed his cheeks to make it tighter around his member.

After shutting his eyes, he kept on concentrating on not using his teeth while bobbing his head until the head of the alpha's cock hit the back of his throat.

The Omega looked up at his alpha with tears in the corner of his eyes as he gagged and pulled away a bit before bringing him back into his throat. Once he relaxed his throat, he brought him deeper until he was nosing at his alpha's pubes that were shaved.

The sound of his omega's hum that send vibrations through his cock and the way he was looking up at him as the obedient Omega he is. The Alpha knew that he was so close to cumming so he said immediately, "I'm going to cum now if you want you can pull away –"

Louis furrowed his eyebrows and held onto his alpha's thighs to signal that he wishes to taste his alpha's cum.

From that moment, the alpha couldn't help but moan while holding onto his omega's light hair and came hard down his throat.

Louis swallowed then sucked his alpha's cock until he went soft and said while standing up, "You taste good."

Harry chuckled and said, "Well, your mouth is pretty good too. Really good."

The Omega blushed and smiled as he said, "Shall we go back now?"


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