Chapter 33

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Niall was a mess when he couldn't find the other tiny omega anywhere in the big mansion. He got tired as he kept going around in circles and calling his name until he broke down crying because of how scared he got when he failed to find him.

Right now, he was inside the University trying to act as normal as he possibly could while making his way over to the building where the dean's office was.

When Liam arrived in front of the University, he immediately texted Niall that he was there to assure him that everything will be alright. The omega texted his alpha back telling him that he's on his way to the dean's office right now and at that moment Liam prayed for both omegas to get out safely.

They were both pregnant and if only alphas were allowed in then Liam wouldn't have hesitated to go in to save them both. He even made sure that his phone wasn't on silent just in case the omega texted him or even one of the alphas who were counting on him to get them out of there.

The alpha needed to get this job done and he needed to do it now because he has less than an hour to make it to court.

Niall sneaked into the building and got into the empty elevator. No one was there because it's the weekend unless they have some projects due on that day.

When the elevator door opened again, He slowly stepped out of the elevator then looked right and left to see if anyone was there. He then proceeded to make his way to the dean's office calmly and not in a hurry so that he wouldn't look suspicious.

He took out his phone and gave Liam a quick text:

[From My Princess]:

Almost there!

Liam's heart was beating out of his chest in worry when he saw the text then texted him back the same second:

[From Daddy Liam]:

Be careful, darling. Xx

Niall smiled a bit since he loves the way Liam answers him back the same second... it makes him feel protected and fearless.

He stopped for a moment as he heard the voices coming out of the dean's office and leaned his ear to the door a bit to hear what's going on.

Inside the dean's office, Louis was rubbing over his growing baby bump with no worries in the world because he knew that the dean wouldn't get away with it that easily.

The dean said, "Who's going to believe your alpha? He has no proof of anything once he gets rid of the files and even if he tried to file a law suit on me, he wouldn't win because all his proof would be gone," and chuckled darkly as he watched the omega.

Louis kind of feels bad for the dean because this is just a stupid idea and wasn't well planned either. If you're going to kidnap someone, might as well do it well but turned out that his dean is actually dumb.

The omega still had his phone in his pocket and those idiots didn't even know about it which shows just how stupid their plan really was.

The omega just sighed and said, "Whatever you say big guy."

From outside, Niall smiled a bit knowing the sarcastic tone that his best friend is using and rolled his eyes fondly. A brilliant idea hit him and smiled widely as he thought the idea through then immediately texted Liam the details.

Liam got the texts that his omega kept giving him and smiled because this is indeed a good idea... maybe not the best but it is something for now.

Out of nowhere, Liam got out of the car and walked towards the gates like a model with a confident smile on his face. He went over to a guard and held him by the neck then said with a smirk, "Call the dean, will you?"

The guard was a weak beta so he couldn't fight back and he looked new to the job so he was on duty only when the omegas weren't around. He nodded quickly and took the phone shakily as he dialed the number of the dean's office.

The dean groaned when he got a call from the phone that was in his office and picked it up with a snap, "What now?!"

The beta said with a nervous stutter, "U-Uh, sir, someone would like to see you here."

The dean sat up straight with a confused face expression and said, "Who is it, Steve?"

Steve said as he looked at Liam nervously and said, "H-He wouldn't tell me, sir."

Louis was watching the dean carefully as he continued to rub over his baby bump then took his phone out of his pocket and kept the lighting of the screen very low so that he wouldn't get caught. The omega texted Harry as he kept watching the dean silently but kept stealing glances over his phone every once in a while.

The dean closed the phone angrily and the omega immediately hid his phone under his right thigh as he watched the dean leave the office without giving the omega a second glance.

Meanwhile, Niall was outside the door then gasped quietly when he felt the dean coming near the door so he immediately hid somewhere so that he doesn't get caught. When he heard the door shut, he peeked through a bit to see if the cost is clear. He smiled to himself then got inside the dean's office immediately and closed the door behind him.

Before Louis got the chance to turn around and see who got into the room, Niall hugged him from behind and said with a huge smile covering his face, "Louis! Holy shit, you got me so fucking worried. I'm never leaving your side ever again even if it meant that you watch me do my business in the toilet."

Louis chuckled then got out of the chair to properly hug his best friend and said, "You little nugget, you didn't have to worry about me, How did you guys know that I was here?"

Niall said with a smile, "Harry figured it out somehow, if it wasn't for him, none of us would have known," and shrugged lightly.

Louis' heart fluttered at the thought of his beloved husband then pulled away from the hug to hold his hand instead and said, "Let's get out of here before he comes back!"

Niall nodded furiously as they headed out of the door then heard a growl coming out of the window and the omega immediately recognized it as Liam's which made him worried a bit.

They both got into the elevator and Louis felt a bit light headed while trying to catch his breath. Niall watched him and said in worry, "Breathe and try to calm down, I will get us out of here soon."

Louis nodded as he kept one of his delicate hands on top of his baby bump and held onto his best friend with his other hand.

When the elevator doors opened, both omegas stepped out and went through a different door instead of the front door just so that they wouldn't get caught.

Then there was Liam who was trying to distract the dean along with the guard as both omegas got into the back seat of the car that he parked next to the other exit.

When he noticed that the plan worked, he smiled at the dean and said, "I must have misunderstood you, I think I got the wrong place."

The dean huffed and said, "Yeah you did, this is a University, not a club, young man, can't you read the sign?"

Liam just kept nodding at him with a smile as he was walking backwards because all he could think about was how he was going to ruin his entire career in one millisecond.

The dean just went back inside the building while the guard kept looking at a certain place in the wall in shock since he still didn't get over the fact that he got treated like that.

Daddy never failed to take care of business.

The alpha ran to the car as fast as he could with a huge smile covering his face because this was something he was proud of achieving as an alpha.

Liam got into the driver's seat and noticed that both omegas were sitting at the back so he furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Is he alright back there?" and looked through the rearview mirror to check on them both as he started driving off to the place he was meeting the two alphas near court.

Louis just laid his head on Niall's chest tiredly and mumbled cutely, "I just need some sleep and my alpha."

And that's exactly what he got.

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