Chapter 84

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[A/N]: Couldn't update because as I said, I was going to be on a flight. Now that I'm rested, here's a chapter! I hope you like it? xox

Harry looked at the others while moving backwards and said, "Just, trust me on this one. I need to make a background check, get proof other than the video and explain everything when it's all over.

Louis held his hand so that he doesn't go and said with his eyebrows furrowed sadly, "If you don't tell me now then I might stress over it even more. I don't need an explanation now, just a name."

The curly haired alpha looked down at his vulnerable omega and said after a long pause, "Stay with Niall and Liam. Don't leave their side," then pecked his lips quickly before he left with Zayn following behind him.

The omega sighed and looked down at his baby bump while rubbing over it gently. He smiled a bit when one of the triplets kicked and leaned back into the couch.

After a moment of silence, Liam asked cautiously, "Do you want something to drink or eat?"

Louis looked up from admiring his baby bump and said, "No, thank you. Although, I do want one thing."

Niall looked at the two of them in concern because he knows that his best friend won't drop it and would keep asking questions. It's a normal instinct for an omega especially towards their mates so they can't really be blamed for it.

Liam smiled and nodded as he said, "Sure, what is it?" thinking that he could finally be useful for once. He feels helpless because he is not out there with the other alphas but at the same time, he knew that leaving the pregnant omegas alone would be a bad idea. He learned from his past mistakes and he still regrets them.

"Is Harry going to be okay? I mean, is his plan going to work?" Louis asked in concern.

Liam opened his mouth a bit in shock as he was trying to process his two questions. He ended up replying with, "Harry is a successful lawyer who never lost a case and I don't think he's going to lose one now especially since we have the video as proof. He's just adding up more proof for backup incase of anything."

Louis let out a sigh of relief as if a huge weight has been lifted off of his shoulders and said, "Thank you," then looked at the blonde omega and said, "Now I know why you keep him around."

Niall blushed and gushed with pride, "He's the perfect package, isn't he? Cooks, wise, knows the right things to say, 11-inch. He has it all."

Liam coughed into his fist violently and said, "N-Niall, you're not supposed to say that."

"What? That you're the perfect alpha? It's okay, Zayn has his face to make up for all of that."

Liam smiled dreamily at the mention of his alpha husband and said, "Okay, that's true," then stopped smiling once he realized that he's off topic again and added, "No, you're not supposed to... you know?"

"No, Liam. I can't read your mind. Enlighten me," Niall smirked because he knew what his alpha husband was talking about but acted dumb to see his adorable reaction.

Louis, on the other hand, was trying to stop himself from laughing at the alpha's reaction.

Liam groaned and said it quickly without containing eye contact, "Mention the size of my junk."

The omegas ended up laughing until there were tears in their eyes and Louis said while holding his baby bump, "Oh crap, I need to pee now," and stood up slowly from the couch.

Niall wiped his tears and said, "Me too. Pee buddies! See, our pups are getting along already," while they both walked towards the toilet.

Liam just stood there in shock before he cracked a smile and shook his head in amusement.


Meanwhile, Harry was driving his car with his knuckles turning white from how hard he was gripping the steering wheel.

Zayn noticed and said, "Mind loosening up a bit? It's going to be okay, we have proof now."

The curly haired alpha loosened up his grip on the steering wheel and said, "I'm just so angry, how could I have missed this? I thought this was bad, the proof we found is even worse!"

Zayn sighed as he looked out of the window and said, "Listen, take your personal life out of this and start acting more like a lawyer. You need to calm down, not lose control at court or else they would imprison you and you know that."

Harry calmed down once he realized the consequences and said, "You're right, I need to focus on putting him behind bars, not under my tires, got it."

Zayn went through the files and said, "We are going to win this, just don't worry about it. We already filed a case and tomorrow, you're going to tell the judge exactly why people like him shouldn't be roaming around the country."

Harry nodded to every word he said and said, "I never expected this, I mean, I did but not like that at all. That's fucked up."

Zayn looked over at him and said, "The world was already fucked up," then looked out of the window.


The next day, Liam made breakfast for everyone just like he did back when the omegas were in university. Once everyone was done eating, Louis asked his alpha, "Did you sleep well?" and kissed his shoulder.

Harry smiled down at him and said, "Yes, I did, actually," and pecked his lips then added, "If I win this then I am going back to working from home. I thought I was ready to go back to the office but it seems that whenever I'm away, something bad happens. So from this day onwards, I will make my associate email me the cases instead."

Louis squealed in happiness and even though he wanted to leap into his alpha's arms, he knew that he couldn't from his baby bump. He just nuzzled into his arms and said, "Thank you," then paused once he realized something and asked, "Is your associate an omega?" and looked up at him.

Harry pretended to think about it and asked dumbly, "Why? Does it bother you?" and grinned.

Louis huffed, looked away with his arms crossed and said, "No, I was just curious," and shrugged his shoulders lightly as if it was not a big deal.

Harry leaned close to kiss his neck and said, "No, she's a beta."

The omega smiled then stopped smiling immediately so that he wouldn't get caught and said, "I knew that, as if you could ever cheat on me," and stood up then waddled away with his baby bump.

The alpha watched him leave with an amused smile and called out, "Wouldn't dream of it."

Question of the day: Do you have someone in mind who could have done all of this?

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