Chapter 48

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When the couple got into the doctor's office, the nurse told the Omega the same things that she told Niall.

Louis did what the nurse asked him to do and laid down on his back then rolled his jumper up to reveal his baby bump.

Once the doctor was back from checking up on the two alphas, he asked the Omega, "How are the triplets doing? You'll probably feel them move next week and also, the hiccups will start, but it will take a while for you to notice them."

Louis smiled brightly and said, "They're doing magnificently. Sorry to ask but when will my first trimester end?"

The doctor kept gel on the omega's baby bump and said, "Two weeks to be exact, excited?" then took the wand and started moving it around while he looked at the screen.

Louis nodded with a smile as he looked at Harry, who was smiling back at him while holding his hand.

Looking at the screen, they saw their babies moving around which made Louis let out a sob which made Harry immediately turn to look at his Omega in alarm.

The Alpha stood up from his chair to hug his Omega, who was still sitting in the same position and looked down at him as he said, "Hey now, don't cry."

The doctor gave Harry the wand and said, "I'll leave you two alone," before exiting the room.

Harry looked down at the wand and whispered, "Is everything alright, baby?" and rubbed his arm while holding him close.

Louis wiped away his tears and nodded as he said, "Yeah, they're just so small and so much alive. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to them. What if I become a bad mommy? Am I capable of taking care of three children?"

Harry looked down at his Omega, and his heart hurt just looking at him crying like that. He leaned down to peck his hair and whispered, "You will be the best mommy out there, I promise you that. You won't be alone at this, I'm here for you, always."

Louis looked up at his alpha with tears on his pale cheeks and said, "Promise?" and took out his pinky.

Harry chuckled at how adorable his Omega is and nodded with a fond smile as he said, "Promise," then kept the wand aside and engulfed his pinky with his omega.

Looking around, he saw a box of tissues at the side so he took a few and gave it to his Omega as he said, "Come on now, wipe your precious tears. Beautiful people like you shouldn't cry."

Louis let out a chuckle through his tears and nodded as he wiped his tears then rested his head against Harry's abs.

The Alpha took the wand from where he left it and moved it around the gel that was in the omega's baby bump. He whispered against his hair, "I'm happy that I'm doing this with you. I love you so much, don't forget that."

Louis was now smiling and felt better than he did before once the alpha comforted him. He whispered, "I love you more," and hid his face in Harry's arms once the doctor got into the room because it was embarrassing for him to cry in front of someone.

The doctor gave them a small smile and said, "If you two have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you."

Louis bit his bottom lip because he wasn't sure if he should ask this in front of Harry or not but he ended up doing it anyway. He asked, "I just finished my finals, and I'll have my graduation this week. Do you want to come?"

The doctor hummed with a smile and said, "Well, since you asked then sure. I wouldn't mind unless I'd be busy on that day. Just tell me when and where exactly."

Louis told him when and where while he wiped the gel off of his baby bump then rolled his shirt down.

Harry didn't mind the doctor until now, and it's not as the doctor could just steal a pregnant omega away from his alpha.

Everything is possible, and honestly, the alpha doesn't want to take these risks.

The doctor thought about it for a minute while he looked through the calendar that was on the wall and said, "I'm free at that time, I'll see you there."

Harry kept on a straight face with his hands in his pockets and said slowly, "Great."

Louis looked up at his alpha for a second before looking back at the doctor and said, "Okay, thank you and have a lovely day," before getting up and held Harry's hand while walking out of the room.

Zayn told Niall, "The doctor said that it would take maybe a day or two until we find out the results."

Liam added in, "But, being the geniuses we are, told him that it was urgent so we will find out in half an hour since the nurses are working on it."

Zayn turned around and saw the other couple so he said, "Hey there you two, how did it go?" which made Liam and Niall turn towards them.

Niall noticed his best friend's eyes and knew that he was crying not so long ago. He stood up and looked at him sadly in a way of asking if he was okay.

Louis just nodded at him and gave him a small smile before saying, "I'm hungry," just to change the subject.

Niall said with a nod, "Me too, I'm craving some Wendy's."

Louis gasped with his smile growing and said, "I was thinking the same thing," then made his way over to Niall so that they could walk together out of the hospital.

That was until they bumped into Justin and he said with a smile, "Hey you, how did everything go?"

Louis nodded with a smile, "It went great –"

"We were just leaving," Harry said as he wrapped one arm around his Omega and gave Justin a smile that said 'Fuck you'.

Justin nodded at the two of them and said, "Alright then, see you soon," and walked away.

Harry said under his breath once Justin was gone, "Not," while walking out of the hospital.

Zayn and Liam were walking together behind them while they watched their omega talking to Louis excitedly.

Zayn turned to Liam and said, "How are we going to find out the results if it's going to come out in half an hour?"

Liam smiled at his alpha and said, "They'll call, honey, don't worry too much about it."

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