Chapter 23

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When Louis opened the door to his shared dorm, he heard Niall say, "Well well well, guess who decided to show up," which made the tiny omega roll his eyes fondly as he shut the door behind him.

Louis made his way over to him and said with a smile that didn't match his eyes, "Hey there, Nialler," and sat down next to him.

Niall's smile fell when he saw that he didn't have the usual crinkles by his eyes when he smiles which made him sit up straight on the couch to get a better look at him and said quietly, "You alright there, Lou?"

Louis just shrugged lightly and looked down at his hand that was rubbing his tiny baby bump because he honestly didn't know how he feels about this. He's a pregnant omega who just craves for his alpha's touch and always feels safe the most when he's around so now that he knows for sure that he won't be seeing him until the end of the week makes him feel lost... like he doesn't belong anywhere.

The worst part of it all is that he can't do anything about it and he's not sure of what was wrong with Harry back in the car. He just wants to know what's wrong with his alpha that's making him think a lot and for being the good little omega he is, he wants to fix whatever is bothering his alpha.

When he finally spoke up, he said, "I'm just tired," then stood up as he added, "Need to get my things in the bag for my first class but when I'm back, I need to hear more about your two alphas," and winked at him with a small smile.

It was as if nothing was wrong but Niall knows him way too well to know that he's not really okay but decided on playing along because if Louis was ready to talk, he will always be here to listen. He said with a smile, "You better come back because you're the only one I want to talk to about this, you know?"

Louis smiled as he held the door knob of his room and said, "Yeah I know, Nialler, love you," and got into his room then closed it behind him as he heard Niall yell out, "Love you too, Lou!"

The pregnant omega immediately took his bag and kept the books that he needed for his first class today which was Drama. He then looked around his room to see if it's alright which as usual, it's just the way he likes it.

Louis wore his bag on his back carefully then got out of the room and didn't see Niall there on the same spot he left him so he figured that maybe he was somewhere roaming around in their dorm.

He got out of the dorm to be met with two muscular bodyguards in their black suit that were towering over him. He blinked up at them but before he could ask them anything, one of them immediately started talking...

"Hello, Mr. Louis Styles, we were hired to follow you around wherever you go as a protection for your safety and your babies' safety. If you need us to get you anything from outside campus, one of us will go get you whatever you need while the other stays here, any questions?"

Louis opened his mouth to say something then closed it as he was stunned by this. He then cleared his throat and asked, "Who exactly sent you here? I mean... who hired you?" and crossed his arms over his chest as he looked up at them.

They both looked at each other then looked back down at him as they both said in unison, "Mr. Harry Styles, who else?"

"Oh..." is all Louis says before he walks past them to his drama class and with them following after him in silence.

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