Chapter 53

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After they were done eating breakfast, Louis and Harry went upstairs to their bedroom so that they could change their clothes.

Once they got inside, Harry wrapped his arms around his omega from behind and whispered, "Lets go out tonight, just you and me, princess."

Louis leaned back into his alpha's arms while thinking about it and said, "What did you have in mind?"

Harry turned him around gently and said, "Cinema, maybe? I just really want to hang out with you," and kissed his jaw gently.

The omega bit his bottom lip for a moment before responding, "Alright, I won't mind."

His husband smiled and kissed him softly then whispered against his lips, "Let's shower and then we can go."

Louis smiled before he turned around and started walking to the toilet with a knowing smirk.

When the Omega stepped inside the bathroom, he turned around and said, "I'm showering alone this time."

Harry immediately furrowed his eyebrows in confusion with his hands on his hips and asked carefully, "Why? Don't tell me it's because I hid something from you."

Louis shrugged and said, "That's what you get, now if you will excuse me, I need to shower," and closed the door in his face.

The alpha groaned as he rested his head against the door and said, "We won't have sex, I promise. Besides, I love showering with you."

The omega was thinking about it for a moment as he was undressing and said, "Well, too bad you won't be showering with me anytime soon. Use the guest room's toilet," then kept his clothes in the laundry basket.

Harry frowned, but he knew that he deserved that, and so he said, "Okay, sweetheart, once you're done with your shower, let me know," and went to pick out some clothes.

Louis wrapped his arms around himself as he looked through the mirror. He felt bad for not letting his alpha shower with him, but he had his reasons.

Honestly, it was one of these moments where the omega's hormones were striking at it's worst timings.

Once the shower was running, he waited until it was warm enough to step in. Tears started running down his cheeks because he felt ugly whenever he saw his reflection naked.

The omega has breasts forming and they are starting to feel sore in which he doesn't know what to do about it. Even with the cream he uses, it still bothers him.

For some reason, he's always lightheaded and he just thought that maybe it was one of the pregnancy's symptoms.

When the shower was warm enough, he stepped in and carefully started to wash himself while he was thinking of a way to deal with everything.

Louis did a lot of thinking during the shower, and that included telling his alpha the truth. He doesn't want to be a hypocrite where he doesn't allow his alpha to hide things from him, but he does the same thing.

Now that he thinks of it, he realizes that it's actually a huge problem because if anything happened to the babies, then it would be his fault.

Fainting while pregnant scared him and when he looked back at the time where he got kidnapped, he realized one thing. When he overheard his alpha talking about the dean's wife coming after them, it triggered his past fear.

Sometimes he would even wake up scared and shaking from a nightmare that included the dean coming after them to take revenge.

Hearing it out loud made his nightmares seem realer that he hoped at that moment, it'd be just another nightmare.

Once the omega was done with his shower, he grabbed a robe and wore it. He washed his face and made sure that it doesn't look like he cried.

When he got out of the shower, Harry was still there sitting on the edge of the bed. The omega cooed, "Hey, didn't you go shower in the guest room's toilet?" and sat down next to him with one of his little hands over his shoulder.

Harry was looking down at his folded hands and shook his head as he said, "I'm sorry, can we shower together?" and looked over at him with a sad look that the omega's heart broke for his alpha.

Louis kissed his shoulder where it had his ship tattoo and whispered, "Of course, my love, come on," and stood up which made the alpha's eyes light up with happiness.

The fond that the omega had on his face was only there when it came to Harry and only Harry.

After hanging his robe back, he started the shower while the alpha was undressing then kept his clothes in the laundry basket along with his omega's clothes.

Harry went over to his omega and held him close as he whispered, "My pretty princess, all filled up with my pups," as he kissed his jaw over and over again.

When his alpha says things like that, it makes his heart flutter, and it gives him a little boost of confidence that he lacks.

Although, he likes to act like he has all the confidence in the world with the way he acts but in reality, Louis is just as insecure as anyone else.

Louis whispered, "You're not so bad yourself, alpha," then held his hand and brought him into the shower.

After they had been done taking a shower, Harry and Louis left the toilet with their robes on while the Omega was drying his hair with a towel.

Harry said, "Hey, I'll do it," and took the towel from his omega then helped him sit down on the edge of the bed. He started drying his omega's hair and whispered, "Don't want my baby getting sick now," and placed a kiss on his forehead

Louis shut his eyes as his alpha was drying his hair and said, "I need to tell you something, I mean, it's not that big of a deal –"

Harry stopped drying his hair once he was done and said, "What is it, darling?" and sat down next to him with a worried expression.

The Omega looked into his eyes before looking down at his hands and said, "I- I've been feeling lightheaded, and I know it's from the pregnancy, but I don't want to worry you. I'm just so scared that I would lose my pups. I even fainted once but don't freak out; it wasn't recent –"

The alpha held his omega's tiny hands in his large paws while looking at him and said with more sincerity, "Why didn't you tell me anything? I would have done something about it, and I will do something about it just to let you know. The doctor did mention to us before that it was a possibility but I thought... never mind, there's no point in trying to change what happened. Just one question, when did you... faint?"

Louis looked into his alpha's eyes for a moment before he said, "When the dean came to kidnap me, I just... fainted."

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