Chapter 25

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[A/N]: I am SO sorry for updating so late, told you I was going to update really late these days! First of all, I SAW THE BOYS FOR THE FIRST TIME LIVE AND THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL IN REAL LIFE I AM NOT OKAY. So I had to travel there in order to meet them so my flight was delayed for 12 hours so that meant 12 hours at the airport and yes I cried because I thought that I wasn't going to see them live BUT I DID AND I AM SO HAPPY! Ok ok I'm sorry for babbling, here's a chapter before I travel... again. xx

PS; For everyone who knows about Zayn leaving (which is the whole world), I am sorry that we were kept in that position. I never thought, not in a million years that Zayn or any one of the members would leave the band. I will still include him in my story no matter what because I still love him. xx

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When they reached the mansion, Harry got out of the car and motioned the butler to take Louis' bag (in which he did instantly) while he opened the door for his lovely omega.

The alpha picked him up in his arms with his hands on his big round bum making the omega blush and wrap his arms around Harry's neck. He then wrapped his legs around Harry's waist so that he doesn't fall.

On the other hand, we have the two alphas who parked in one of the garages that were inside Harry's mansion instead of letting the butler park the car for them like Harry did.

They both got out of the car instantly when it was parked then Zayn took the bags this time while Liam picked Niall up in his arms making the lovely omega nuzzle into his hair and hold onto him with a smile on his lovely lips.

Being pregnant makes omegas clingier than ever.

Niall loves how his alphas were just so gentle with him especially Liam since he treated him so softly and delicately as if he was an injured little puppy. Liam was cuddlier but that would go away once something bothers him a lot like when an alpha would check his omega out.

It makes Liam a growling mess and ready to fight whoever wants to take his and Zayn's omega away.

While Zayn was into kinky sex but still made sure that he doesn't harm the little omega in any way possible. He was a romantic but still was seen as the mysterious one by his omega fiancé who felt like he had so much on his mind but doesn't say much.

It makes the omega want to just sit down and listen to Zayn talk all day about what's he's thinking about while Liam cuddles them both just to make sure that they're both alright.

Liam was more open and obvious, Niall figured him out by his facial expression he makes at everything which makes him fall in love with him just like that. The way Liam holds him close protectively makes his heart flutter and the way Zayn loves him so much makes Niall think that this is all just a dream.

This is Niall's fantasy and he loves every second of it.

When all of them were securely inside the mansion, they all took a seat somewhere in the living room. Harry was helping Louis drink his water while he was on his lap because the babies were thirsty and the omega always forgets to drink his daily amount of water.

He can't help it because it makes him pee all the time but he knew that he had to stay hydrated for his little angels that lay perfectly in his womb.

Zayn handed their bags to the butler to take it to their rooms before following his fiancés into the living room and sat down next to them as the omega was seated on Liam's lap but made sure he gave Zayn some attention by holding his hand.

Zayn really loves Niall and his big heart.

The maid brought them some food and kept it on the table which made Niall really hungry because his pregnancy is making him want to eat more.

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