Chapter 27

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Zayn looked at the things that Harry was carrying before looking up at him and said, "Do you have a plan?"

Harry looked over at Niall and said, "Upstairs, second floor, the door on the right, Louis will be asleep so don't wake him up," and gave him a smile.

Both alphas gave their omega a kiss on the cheek before patting his bum softly and watching him leave with a smile on his face as if he already knew that whatever Harry had in mind will work magically just because he's a lawyer.

Niall got into the room seeing Louis asleep and saw how exhausted his best friend looked which made him get in bed with him. He then cuddled Louis as he was the big spoon because Louis' bump was bigger.

Louis leaned back into Niall's embrace knowing that it's not his alpha as he said with his eyes still closed, "Did you tell them?"

Niall nodded with a smile and said, "Yeah, they took it pretty well actually... so now they're trying their best to get us out of there soon. I like it here; maybe I will live here or buy a house next to yours."

Louis giggled at that as he tilted his head to look at him sleepily and said softly, "You can always live with us, Nialler, I like having you around," then rested his head back into the pillow and shutting his heavy eyes.

Niall said quietly with a cute frown, "I don't want to be a bother..."

Louis held Niall's hand keeping it on his growing baby bump and whispered, "You're never a bother, and you're the perfect best friend anyone could ask for. I would be an idiot to not want you around."

Niall smiled as he held him close while rubbing his baby bump and whispered against his shoulder, "You're the perfect best friend too."

Louis smiled but then tried to hide it by saying, "Stop being a sap and go to sleep," and his smile grew when he heard Niall giggle.

Niall said, "Alright... goodnight, Lou," and shut his eyes while resting his head against the pillows while still holding him close.

Louis broke into a smile and said quietly, "Night..." and then they both fell asleep peacefully in each other's arms.

Harry set his business bag on the table with a loud thud making the alphas blink at his sudden action and he said, "Do you know what this is?"

Liam said in more of a question, "A bag?" and his face expression confused as to what this bag could be useful in any way possible as he looked at it.

Harry rolled his eyes and said, "Zayn, could you please tell your fiancé not to state the facts? We already have Google for that."

Liam frowned and said as he sounded offended, "Hey... you're the one who asked."

Zayn watched Liam fondly even when he was frowning, he was the most adorable alpha out there and he just loves him so much. He said softly, "Harry now, don't be too hard on Liam," and brought Liam into his arms even though Liam was the muscular one but Zayn felt the need to protect him anyway.

Harry ignored them and went straight to business as he opened the bag revealing a big amount of papers that were neatly organized in the bag. He then looked at the two love birds and said, "I've been working on this case before I even met the dean so don't worry, I got everything planned."

In the middle of Liam nuzzling back into Zayn's arms, he looked at the amount of papers and opened his mouth to say something but then closed it knowing that Harry will say a smart remark about it.

Zayn looked at the papers in amazement and said while caressing Liam's soft hair, "That's amazing, you did this all by yourself?"

Harry smiled proudly and nodded as he said, "You know me, Zayn, when I set up my mind to something, I get it done just like that," and snapped his fingers to prove his point.

Liam bit his bottom lip for a moment as he took a few of the papers that were handed to them while Zayn took the others.

The raven haired alpha scanned through the papers and his eyes widened with a huge smile on his lips as he said, "Holy shit, I get what you're getting at, Styles. I think that this will actually work. There is many evidence here, how did you even get your hands on these?"

Harry shrugged with a smirk as he crossed his arms over his chest and said, "Brave enough to join me at court now?"

Liam gave the rest of the papers to Zayn and said, "Well, at least now I know that if I killed someone, Harry will be my lawyer to save me out of it," and smiled sweetly at Zayn.

Zayn cooed at him and pinched his left cheek as he said, "Yes he will," then added, "But we can't let you kill anyone, it's against the rules, okay?"

Liam giggled and nodded as he nuzzled into Zayn's arms happily then said quietly, "I was joking anyway."

Harry looked at the two of them with his face horrified at what he just heard and said, "If I didn't know any better, I would think that Liam was an omega," as he packed the papers he had then kept them in his business bag before closing it and leaving them randomly out of the blue.

Both alphas looked at each other before bursting out laughing because just the thought of Liam being an omega was funny but then they both turned serious as Zayn said, "I think it would be hot... I mean, you as an omega."

Liam blushed as he looked up at his alpha and said, "You think so?"

Zayn smirked as he leaned close as he whispered, "I know so," and kissed under his ear making Liam shiver.

The maid came into the room and said respectfully, "Sirs, your room is all finished now," and gave a little bow before turning around to leave to the kitchen so that she cooks dinner since the sun left a while ago.

Liam turned to look at Zayn as he said, "Let's go check up on Niall to see if he's alright."

Zayn nodded with a smile as he stood up and helped Liam up before going upstairs to check up on Niall.

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