Chapter 31

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The next morning, Harry woke up at 8:39 a.m. sharp because he just had a lot of shit to do now that the maid is out of the picture.

The alpha quietly got out of bed making sure that he doesn't wake the little omega up and then made his way downstairs towards the kitchen. When he got inside, he looked around for a moment and said to himself, "Alright, this isn't going to be too bad."

Zayn got into the kitchen with a yawn after a while and said, "Smells good, what are you making?" then went over to the couch and just threw himself with a heavy sigh of exhaustion.

Harry was wearing an apron with cupcakes all over them as he was cooking with so much concentration. He said, "I already made the tea, pancakes and the strawberries, now I just have the French toast left."

Zayn hummed tiredly into the cushion as he had his eyes closed then mumbled against it, "Liam will be here any minute now to set up the table –"

Liam came into the kitchen and said, "I heard my name," and both alphas chuckled together but Harry still had his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he cooked breakfast.

Many, many thoughts are roaming through his head and he could barely hear what they were even talking about anymore.

Liam started making the table in the correct order and made sure that each person had his own plate just like the others. He then proceeded to keep a few extras on the table like jam, butter, syrup and Nutella.

Harry went to the table with a big plate filled with the food that he just cooked and kept it in the middle for everyone to share. He sighed tiredly and shut his eyes for a brief moment but then smiled when he felt soft arms wrapped around him from behind.

The alpha slowly turned around and said, "Hey there, darling," and leaned down to his height level to place a small gentle kiss on his thin pink lips.

Louis had his little fringe in a cute mess and Harry moved his fringe out of his eyes to see his mesmerizing blue eyes. Louis smiled up at him and said, "Hey, thought you'd be asleep till noon but then I woke up and... you weren't there," then pouted cutely.

Harry cupped one of his pink cheeks and said softly, "I have... um... court today so I had to wake up earlier than usual," then pecked his little cute pout away.

Louis leaned into his big paw like a little cuddly kitten and said, "But court is in the afternoon and I was expecting cuddles today morning."

Harry pinched his eyebrows together sadly and said, "I will give you cuddles when I'm back home, I promise, it won't take too long," and leaned down to place a soft kiss to his forehead then added, "Now we have to eat because our little pups must have been hungry this morning," and smiled down at him fondly as he placed his large hands on top of the growing baby bump.

Louis giggled at that and nodded as he watched Harry first take a seat on the chair so that he could place himself on his alpha's lap innocently afterwards.

The other two alphas along with their omega were already in their seats discussing what they will do today while there is Harry who had all his attention to Louis as he made sure that he's well fed and Louis would cutely feed him back with a giggle.

Niall was, of course, in between his alphas who were cooing at him while feeding him and he just loves it. He really loves being around his alphas and loves their attention for now because it will be gone once he's behind the University grounds.

After they were done eating, the three alphas did the dishes even when the omegas offered to help but the alphas refused just because they were pregnant and in need of some rest.

So the omegas were lying on the big couch next to each other as they were whispering to one another that would end up with them giggling and the alphas are so glad to see them happy.

Seeing them happy is what they needed from them right now and they really didn't want them to worry at all about later on at court.

But they guess luck wasn't on their side on that one.


"Are you going to be okay?" said Louis with his big blue worried eyes.

Harry nodded with an assuring smile while he rubbed his arms up and down as he said softly, "Yes, darling, I will be alright. I'm just worried about you two being alone. Please make sure to lock the doors and never let anyone in unless that person is any of us."

Louis bit his bottom lip and nodded obediently then his alpha gave him a fond smile with a peck before saying, "Alright, love, take care and if you need anything just give me a ring, yeah?" earning a nod from his omega then brought him in a long hug with his arms wrapped around the alpha's waist.

He was just so scared of letting him go even though he wouldn't admit it out loud.

Meanwhile, Liam was on his knees in front of Niall's tummy as he was saying, "My little pup or pups are going to grow up so soon, today we are going to kick some butt – I mean some... stuff... sorry... um, but you know what I mean, babies, don't get me confused," making Niall giggle from above him.

Zayn sighed as he watched them fondly and said, "Sweetie, I honestly don't think that they heard you so you don't have to apologize. Come on now, let's get going, we don't want to face some traffic," he pecked Niall's lips as he added in a whisper, "Take care, our Irish princess."

Niall would just blush at that as he would watch them walk away while Liam would blow him a kiss which would leave the omega giggling at how silly and cute they are.

Louis in the end finally let go of his alpha and said softly, "I love you so much," and looked up at him with a sad smile.

Harry cupped his cheeks and said fondly, "And I love you so very much, princess," then leaned down kissing him ever so gently before pulled away and walking out of the door while the omega was watching him leave sadly.

But little did Harry know that it would be the last time seeing his omega that day.

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