Chapter 39

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The nurse took Louis to do some examinations in the room he was led into. She checked his weight gain or loss, blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, heart and lungs, breast exam, external palpation of the uterus, measure the height of the uterus, check for fetal heartbeat and urine screens for blood, sugar or any bacteria.

Once Louis got into the doctor's office, he was utterly exhausted by doing all of those examinations but he didn't complain.

Afterwards, he was instructed by the nurse to lay down on his back until the doctor arrives soon enough.

Louis did as he was told while looking up at the ceiling then took a deep breath to calm down his nerves and hoped that Harry was going to appear any moment.

When the doctor got inside the office, he smiled warmly and said, "How have you been feeling lately?"

Louis looked at the doctor who arrived and tried to smile back at him but the smile seemed forced because of how exhausted he really is.

The omega answered softly, "I started forming breasts, is that normal?" and looked at him in worry.

The doctor sat down on a chair next to the bed that the omega was laying on while setting up the ultrasound and said, "It is perfectly normal, don't you worry about it. What else have been going on? Do you still throw up in the middle of the night or at all?"

Louis absentmindedly rubbed his now noticeable baby bump and said, "Yes, they are becoming worse but I think that's because I have more than one baby. Does that count?"

The doctor smiled and said, "That's right, actually. It does count. Also, I am guessing you do pee or sleep a lot?"

Louis gasped with his eyes wide and said, "Yeah! I always do and it is really irritating but I really can't complain because I love my babies," and his warm blue eyes softened beautifully.

Just talking about his babies made Louis forget about him being upset over Harry not being there.

People like Louis are really rare so the doctor is very fond of him because Louis is just so innocent and isn't whiny so it is very easy to work with him.

That's why the doctor didn't ask him about where Harry was at the moment because it might be a touchy subject and he wanted to avoid that.

The doctor cleared his throat and said, "Pull your shirt up so that we could start the ultrasound," and kept the gel gently on Louis' baby bump once the shirt was up.

Louis looked at the screen with so much excitement because he really wanted to see his precious babies while the doctor moved the wand on top of the gel.

After a few moments, he heard heart beats and he smiled widely with so much light in his eyes. He really couldn't tare his eyes away from the screen and then he said quietly, "How many babies are in there?"

The doctor smiled as he looked at the screen while pointing at each baby and said, "Baby 1, baby 2 and... is that baby 3? Yup, it's baby 3. Congratulations, you're going to have triplets!"

Louis' eyes widened as he looked at the screen in shock because he has three babies inside of him who need a lot of support. The percentage of miscarriage is very high if the omega is carrying more than one baby so he was very worried about that part.

The doctor's smile fell as he asked politely, "Are you okay?"

Louis looked at the doctor and nodded then back at the screen as he said, "Yeah, I'm good. It's just that I never expected to have so many babies all at once. Doctor... I'm scared."

The doctor shook his head amused and said, "Don't worry about it. Any newly mom out there would have been at least a little bit scared. Your reaction is perfectly normal but you have to keep in mind that you shouldn't stress or worry at all, okay?"

Louis nodded and tried his best to pull himself together for his babies. He needed to be strong for them all and he is willing to protect them with all that he has.

The doctor then continued his explanation as he pointed at the screen, "Your babies have now grown their tiny little fingers and toes. Also, their lungs will be developing this week to be exact and the colour pigment in their eyes are starting to form as you can see but they wouldn't be able to open their eyes until 26 weeks."

Louis' heart was warm as he watched the screen and he felt like crying because he was going to be a mom.

Also, because Harry wasn't here with him like he was supposed to be.

After he wiped a few of his tears quickly trying to act like he didn't just cry and looked at the screen with a small smile on his lips.

After he cleaned the gel off of his baby bump, the doctor said, "See you in a few weeks and if you feel any pain, just ring up the hospital."

Louis nodded before he left the office and closed the door quietly behind him. While he was on his way to the exit, someone came up from behind him and asked, "Hey, how are you feeling?"

Louis was startled for a moment because he didn't know the person but then realized it was the guy who helped him earlier before he went into the doctor's office. He nodded and said, "U-Uh yeah, I'm good."

The guy bit his bottom lip and said, "I shouldn't be keeping you standing since you might get tired, I'm so sorry but I was just guessing whether you would want to maybe hang out?"

Louis looked at him for a moment not knowing what to say but then he said, "Um, what was your name again?"

"Justin Bieber."

[A/N]: Don't kill me please, I love my life sometimes and I want to live. Justin is cute, give me a break. x

Louis nodded again for a moment while looking up at him and said, "Well, Justin, I really need to go now because I need some sleep but I would suggest hanging out with someone who isn't pregnant because we get very emotional when you ditch us and we do not like that at all," then took a shaky breath holding in his tears that were threatening to fall and replaced it with a broken smile.

Justin was utterly stunned at that and looked around for a moment not knowing what to say or do. He looked back down at him with a gentle smile and said, "I don't know about you but as long as you like gummy bears then I wouldn't ever leave you," then paused and added quickly, "You do love gummy bears, don't you?"

Louis broke down laughing as he looked up at him and said while nodding his head in amusement, "I do love gummy bears."

Justin clasped his hands together and said with a huge smile covering his face, "Well, it's settled then. So... do you want to go get some gummy bears or are you still feeling sleepy? I could drive you home, I really don't mind."

Louis took a deep breath as he was thinking about his choices but before Louis could answer back, Harry appeared out of nowhere and said with a clenched jaw.

"Who's this, Louis?"

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