Chapter 34

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"Bitch better have my omega."

Zayn sighed as he rubbed his face with both of his hands and said, "Harry, Liam is going to get them out of there, I promise just –"

The raven haired alpha was cut off by his phone ringing then took it out of his pocket then looked at the caller ID and immediately replied, "Babe, did it work?" as his heart was beating out of his chest in worry for their safety.

When Harry heard the alpha's phone ringing, he got closer to the other alpha just to try and listen in to their conversation.

Liam looked through the rearview mirror and saw Louis asleep against Niall's chest then brought his eyes back to the road as he said, "It worked, I'm going to be there soon but we can't leave the two omegas alone. This time they're coming with us everywhere."

Zayn let out a long sigh of relief and chuckled while he kept his hand on his chest as he looked at Harry to assure him by giving him a nod. He told Liam, "I agree with you on the last part."

The alpha immediately said, "Give me the phone, I want to talk to Louis immediately," then when he got the phone from Zayn, he kept it near his ear and said, "Give me Louis."

Liam sighed and said, "As much as I would love for you to talk to your omega but he's asleep right now. When we arrive, you may speak to him but for now, I would suggest that he sleeps for a bit before I have to wake him up later on."

Harry looked down at his boots while kicking a stone and said, "You make a good point so I'm not going to argue further," then handed the phone back to Zayn. He then made his way inside while the raven haired alpha following after him in shock. Liam was shocked too that the alpha agreed to what he suggested to him but then he just shrugged his shoulders and hung up.

The thing is that... Harry doesn't want to annoy his omega by waking him up or disturbing his sleep so he just let him rest for now. The omega and the pups need some rest after all the things that they have been through today.

Throughout the whole car drive, Niall was petting the omega's hair as he slept in his arms. Niall realized that maybe the bodyguards should be protecting them both at all times not just in the university.

Now that they're both pregnant, they're not only protecting themselves but also their pups and just the thought of their pups being in danger bring shivers to his body.

Liam noticed that Niall shivered for a bit which showed that he must have been thinking of something so he looked through the rearview mirror for a second before saying, "You alright there, princess?"

Niall nodded slowly then shook his head to get rid of the scary thoughts that were roaming around his head and said quietly, "Yeah, I'm alright... just thinking."

Liam furrowed his eyebrows at that as he took a turn calmly and said, "Thinking about what?" and then he added with hesitation, "Are you thinking about what happened today?"

Niall paused for a minute just thinking about Liam's question then looked at his alpha and said, "Kind of, yeah. I mean..." and shrugged for a moment while looking at nothing then added, "Just the thought that me and Louis could have lost our babies scares me."

Liam pouted a bit with his eyebrows knitted together and said, "Just to let you know that if anyone and I do mean anyone... lays a finger on you –"

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