Chapter 86

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[A/N]: I can't believe that I'm updating again.

I know that this is stupid but I feel like writing another fan fiction. I know what you guys are going to say, "But you have way too many and you're a slow updater like hello??" I know, I know but this is different! It's not a Larry one, it's either Malec or Philip/Lukas from Eyewitness! I'm a bit hesitant to do it but yeah, it crossed my mind.

Zayn disclaimed, "We are not going to murder anyone. At least, not today."

Harry shook his head as he paced around the hallway and said, "I fucking knew it. I was not paranoid. Jealous, yes but not paranoid," and leaned his back against the wall to take a breather.

Zayn stood right in front of him and said, "Pull yourself together, Styles. How am I going to get you back to your omega acting like that?"

Harry opened his eyes once he realized that his omega is waiting for him back home and is probably worried about him. He said, "We need to go back home, this was such a long day and I need a rest," then he looked down at the text message that he got from his omega and left it without a reply.

Zayn nodded his head in understanding and said, "Alright but I'm driving since you're acting like a stress machine," as they both started walking to their car in the parking lot. They both got in; Zayn started the engine while Harry was too busy looking down at his phone to notice anyone around him.

Harry texted his omega:

[To Baby doll]:

I almost got a boner in the middle of court thanks to you.

[From Baby doll]:

That's the point, daddy. x

When are you home?

Harry growled deep in his throat at that text. Zayn looked over at him for a second and said, "Calm down, we're almost there."

[To Baby doll]:

I am on my way home.

Pregnancy is making you kinky and I like it way too much for my own good.

Harry looked outside of the window to check if they were close to home or not. He looked down at his phone and saw a reply from his pregnant omega.

[From Baby doll]:


Not like.

I hope.

The word love made something click in the alpha's brain at the realization that he is so in love with his omega. It scares him but he doesn't mind the feeling. It feels good yet it really doesn't. When he's away, his soul aches to be around him all the time and he doesn't like that feeling at all.

Harry didn't realize that he has been staring at that text blankly until he got another one.

[From Baby doll]:

You there? x

Harry blinked for a moment and started replying to him immediately.

[To Baby Doll]:

Yeah, sorry, zoned out for a moment there. I will be home soon. Rest for now.

Harry locked his phone and put it aside for now. He took a deep breath while looking out of the window, hoping that they would reach home soon.


Once they arrived, Harry stormed into the house with Zayn following behind him. He went upstairs into their bedroom to see his omega reading a book while rubbing his baby bump.

The alpha growled, making the omega whimper while looking up from his book. He made his way over to him, threw his book aside and pushed his thighs apart.

The omega was wearing panties and a jumper as always so Harry kept on rubbing his scent all over him. He whispered in his ear, "All mine," and nosed at the inside of his thigh.

Louis started producing slick and said, "You don't have to scent me. I'm all yours," but the alpha wasn't listening since he continued just to make sure that his precious omega was filled with his scent.

Harry smelt his omega's slick so he tore his omega's panties apart making the pregnant omega gasp as the cold air hit him down there. He bit his bottom lip and said, "Harry, I'm not feeling it right now," and even though he's producing slick like crazy, he's not feeling well.

The tall alpha froze in his spot, he looked his omega in the eyes and asked, "What's wrong?" and sat up on his knees to look down at his precious lover.

Louis nodded with a soft, gentle smile and said, "Nothing's wrong, I'm just exhausted."

Harry's eyes softened with adoration towards him and leaned down to peck his lips. He rested his forehead against his and said, "If anything hurts, you promise to tell me, right?"

Louis looked up, feeling smaller than he already is and nodded. He said, "Promise."

Harry stood up immediately, making the omega miss his warmth with a small frown and made his way over to the closet. He took out lilac panties and made his way back to his omega.

The frown was replaced with a smile when Louis saw his alpha come back. He watched as he threw the old panties in the trash and replaced with new ones.

Once he was done dressing him, he laid down next to him and brought him into his warm, strong arms. He kissed the back of his neck and put his hand on top of his baby bump protectively.

Louis remembered that his alpha had court today so he asked, "How did it go?" and leaned back into his touch.

Harry kept the blankets on top of their bodies and said, "Do you really want to know?"

The omega shut his eyes, feeling warm and safe. He nodded and said, "Please?"

"Alright," Harry said, "Remember before getting married, we used to get these calls from the company that wanted you to have two alphas or more?"

Louis rested his hand on top of his alpha's and said, "Yeah, it was them?" and looked up at him for a brief second.

Harry intertwined their fingers together on top of his omega's baby bump and said, "And the guy who hit us with his car. It wasn't really an accident, after all."

Louis gasped, his eyes wide in shock and said, "Oh god. He seemed so nice and isn't he the one who drove us to the hospital after that?"

The alpha smiled sadly at how naïve his omega can be and said, "Yeah, he did that just to sneak in and see our medical records when the nurses weren't watching."

The omega's face was shocked with a mixture of sadness. He said quietly, "I'm sorry, Harry."

Harry looked down at his omega in confusion but let him continue talking, "If it wasn't for me then you wouldn't have gone through all of that. I just thought that I was doing something good."

Once Louis was done talking, Harry didn't know if he should tell him that Justin was behind all of that or not. He shook his head and said, "Don't ever blame yourself for something that those rats did. It's not your fault, you didn't mean for any of this to happen. You're a good omega," and looked down at him, making sure that he understood that.

Louis looked up at him with tears in his eyes and whimpered, unable to speak any longer.

Harry brought him into his arms, started wiping away his tears and said, "Why are you crying? Baby, come on, I'm not mad at you."

The omega sat up on the bed and said, "I'm sorry, just hormones. Everything is happening all at once and I keep on worrying over our pup's safety," and looked down at his baby bump. He smiled while wiping his tears when he felt a kick and rubbed his hand over it.

Harry noticed his omega's face expression and asked with a smile forming on his lips, "Are they kicking?" and rubbed his baby bump to feel their kicks.

Louis took a slow, deep breath to calm down his nerves and asked, "So what else happened in court?"

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