Chapter 20

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Harry and Louis were both cuddling in one of the big white couches as they watched everyone dance while the 1975 performed on stage. All they wanted to do is be in each other's arms instead of thanking the guests but who cares about the guests when your parents could thank them for you?

It's not like they don't care or appreciate that people came to their wedding but it's just that they don't even know half the people there from the amount of guests that were invited so it didn't really matter.

And besides, every guest got their own expensive gifts to take home with a note that showed them how thankful they are that they came to their precious little wedding so no one gave a fuck anyway because people come to weddings either for the food or for the expensive gifts or both.

Most of the people that were invited were from a really high class from the UK and also from all over the world that came all this way from their homeland to attend this wedding.

The reason why they're there, it's because of both of their parents since Harry's dad owns a really famous company in the UK while Louis' dad works in the same company as a manager in the accounting department.

Louis was kissing from Harry's jaw down to his neck slowly taking his time as the alpha's hand was placed possessively on Louis' bum with a smirk knowing that this omega is officially his now.

Harry just really loves the attention that he's been receiving from his omega because he is the only person whose attention matters the most.

Louis brought his small hand under Harry's shirt that was unbuttoned and slowly let his hand roam around from his chest to his abs which the alpha absolutely doesn't mind.

The lovely omega whispered, "I can't wait to go to our honeymoon with you if I'm being honest," as the alpha wrapped his arm around Louis' waist to bring him closer into his arms.

Harry nodded with a hum as he rubbed his thumb over Louis' hips and whispered, "I know baby, I know how much you love visiting France so this could be our little getaway in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris. It's going to be fun, I promise," and kissed his feathery hair softly.

Louis smiled to himself as he rubbed his thumb over Harry's nipple making him growl then the omega giggled and whispered, "Sorry," and bit his bottom lip.

The alpha looked down at him and said, "You're not sorry, are you?" trying to fight a smirk.

Louis looked around innocently with a smile then said, "Nope!" popping the 'p'.

Harry was going to reply back but then slow music started playing in the background which meant that it's time for the alpha and his omega to dance. Harry smirked and stood up then helped Louis stand up with him then whispered, "Let's dance, babe," and held his hand as he led him to the dance floor.

Louis blushed as he walked with Harry because he was a really awkward omega but Harry was slowly getting him out of his little shell. Harry then came to a stop and turned his omega to face him then kept Louis' arms around his neck while he kept his hands on his wide yet lovely hips.

They started dancing with the song as Harry led the way and the omega felt so comfortable around him while dancing. It was the first time that Louis felt confident while slow dancing without feeling awkward because as he now looks into Harry's emerald green eyes, he feels like he can do anything else in the world.

When the song stopped playing, the alpha leaned down a bit and kissed Louis' softly to let him know what a good omega he is. 

Louis went on his tip toes as he kissed him back and he didn't care who was watching because it was their wedding night. He just wanted Harry and only Harry to make everything feel alright, the rest of the world doesn't really matter.

Niall was in the background getting emotional because his best friend was finally married so he was snapping tons of pictures to show their future children. He wiped the single tear that fell on his cheek and whispered, "Aw, so precious," as he continued to snap pictures at their perfection.

Zayn came from behind him and whispered, "Wouldn't it be nice to get married?"

Niall gasped as turned around almost dropping his camera then the alpha chuckled then smirked and asked, "You alright there?"

The omega blushed as he looked at him then nodded slowly and said quietly with a stutter, "Y-You just scared me, that's all..."

Zayn smirked and said innocently, "Well, I'm sorry, didn't mean to frighten you like that," then slowly got closer to the omega and whispered, "I hope your heart is alright though..." then he kept his hand on the place where the omega's heart was as he heard and felt his heart beating.

Niall's cheeks were deep shade of pink as he looked up at the alpha speechless and couldn't find his voice. After a while when he realized that he's been staring at Zayn for too long (Not that Zayn minds), he whispered, "U-uh, it's... my heart is okay now," and gulped.

Well you can't really blame the omega for reacting this way around Zayn. Some people faint when he glances at them once and that says a lot about how beautiful he really is.

To Zayn, the omega is good at keeping himself together compared to the rest of the omegas out there who pretend to act cool but then beg Zayn to mark them or knot them.

Either ways, Zayn always refuses them all because they aren't in his level or they're just not his type.

Zayn smirked as he rubbed his hand on his chest and whispered, "What's your name, sweet heart?"

Niall shifted around in his spot a bit at the nickname and said quietly while looking down at Zayn's perfect tattooed hands, "I'm N-Niall, and you?" then slowly looked up at him.

No one noticed them or saw them there because they were at a corner and even if they noticed them, they would think that they're just another couple.

Zayn smiled as he brought his hand from the omega's chest to cup one of his cheeks and rubbed his thumb over it then whispered, "I'm Zayn, me and Liam want to get married to a really lovely omega, guess who I chose?"

Niall's heart was beating out of his chest, he didn't know who Liam is but just the idea of them picking an omega was making him want to be that omega even though he doesn't think that this piece of heaven was going to pick him.

He bit his bottom lip as he was thinking about who it might be then asked, "Who is it?" and looked around a bit without moving his face so that Zayn's hand stays on his cheek.

Zayn's hand was so soft and comforting so he really liked it.

The alpha laughed because Niall was so gullible and he seriously loved it. He slowly leaned down to his ear and whispered with his hot minty breath, "You," which made the omega shiver and blush.

The omega looked up at him and said quietly, "Me?" as if he doesn't believe that this is real. As if he's living in some kind of a fantasy world and he's pretty sure that he's dreaming right now because this can't be possible.

Zayn nodded down at him and whispered, "Yes, you."

Liam came from behind them and said with a smirk, "You know how to pick, Zayn, great taste you got there, I have to admit."

Zayn smirked at the sound of Liam's voice so he turned around and said, "Babe, meet our new omega, his name is Niall."

And that's when Niall's life changed completely from that one night on New Year's.

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