Chapter 14

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Harry was really worried over his omega's wellbeing; he immediately started moving when his omega first told him that he wasn't feeling well.

He knew that he shouldn't have left him there alone and he knew that he doesn't know how to sleep without him anymore.

He got into one of his cars which was a black Ferrari and drove off fast. He didn't care about his speed limit because all he really cared about was his omega's wellbeing and that's it.

When he reached, the gates opened for him and he got inside. He parked his car somewhere then got out of the car and immediately got inside which surprised the butler (who was on his way to bed because the clock just struck at midnight).

The alpha though already contacted his parents and told them that he's staying over at Louis' so that they don't call the police like the last time to search for him.

When he got into his omega's room, he closed the door and locked it just so that no one could barge in on them.

Louis slowly sat up when his alpha arrived and said, "You arrived pretty fast. What did you do? Flew on a helicopter?" and giggled cutely with his blue eyes shining in the dark.

Harry rolled his eyes fondly at his lovely omega and said, "No... Just drove my Ferrari this time," and helped Louis lay down back on the bed.

The omega giggled and mimicked, "Oh look how cool I am, don't you win the prize of coolness? I have tons of cars and I love to brag to my omega," and bit his lip with a huge smile covering his face.

Harry shushed him with a kiss which seemed to work because the omega immediately wrapped his arms around his neck and brought him down by his neck to deepen the kiss.

Out of nowhere, his omega was horny and was producing slick because of his alpha who was now in between his legs.

He moaned into the kiss then the alpha pulled away so that they could catch their breath and said, "We shouldn't do this... you're not feeling well..."

The omega whined and turned them around so that he was straddling Harry's waist. He slowly grinded his big ass on Harry's crotch while moaning quietly so that he doesn't wake his parents up.

Harry watched him with his eyes turning dark with lust and said, "Such a bad little princess, even with your parents around, you're still desperate for my cock baby?" and then took off his shirt then threw it away.

Louis took off his shirt and laid Harry back down on the bed. He whispered, "Stay still now," and smirked then took off his pajama pants but kept his yellow panties on with a smirk.

Harry growled quietly as he watched him then bucked his hips up so he could get his jeans and boxers off then threw them away.

His cock was standing up straight and it made the omega's mouth water.

He said quietly, "I don't think my slick is going to help fit this in there this time..." then blushed as he took out the lube and straddled Harry's knees.

Harry smirked, obviously happy because he knows how big he is and was proud of it. Even with his omega producing slick right now, the smell almost made him cum knowing that it came from Louis' pink tight hole.

He hissed when the omega started rubbing his huge cock with lube and the fact that Louis' hands makes his cock looks huge makes him wants to cum in his face.

Louis couldn't take it anymore; just the sight of his alpha's cock was making him go crazy. He moved up to straddle Harry's waist, he held the base of Harry's cock then pushed his yellow panties aside and slowly slid down which made his face scrunch up in pleasure.

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