Chapter 36

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[A/N]: THANK YOU all for your lovely birthday wishes! You guys are the sweetest, loveliest and I am so blessed to have you guys! This is a chapter to show how thankful I am. I love you all so dearly. xx

Once they all got home, Harry carried Louis upstairs because they are both so sexually frustrated and it has been so damn long since they had any action going on.

Liam carried Niall in his arms bridal style and went to the kitchen with Zayn following behind them. The raven haired alpha said, "Since it's the afternoon, let's cook some lunch. We deserve some lunch after what happened today."

The other alpha nodded at his mate with a sigh and said, "We really do need some food in our stomachs after we got our mate through all that. It was so worth it though," as he slowly set a sleeping Niall onto the couch and covered his fragile body with a warm blanket while Zayn went to warm up the place with the fireplace.

When Liam went into the kitchen, his alpha mate followed behind him afterwards to stop him and said softly, "Liam, I think you should go lay down, you don't have to cook. I will do it this time," while rubbing his back slowly.

Liam turned to give him a warm smile and said, "I'm not tired, let's cook together... just like old times."

Zayn smiled back at him because he just can't imagine a world where he doesn't love Liam Payne. He nodded and took out the ingredients from the cabinets above as he repeated with a fond smile, "Just like old times."

Before Niall was ever in the picture, both alphas used to have this thing in common which was cooking. Liam works as a chief in his own five star Restaurant which became his once his dad retired so of course, he learned how to cook from his father since he was a little boy.

Liam's mother is a housewife (Even Zayn's mom) though because she just wanted to stay at home and take care of her children. She always kept her children as her number one priority and she made sure that they all grew up happily just so that they could never ever feel left out or alone.

She raised them all well and taught them everything they needed to know about life so they grew up respecting everyone even when life would put them down at times, they never stopped being kind and loving. They learned that family always comes first.

As for his parent's relationship, they never stopped loving each other even after all these years. They still fall in love with one another constantly and that's how Liam believed that fairy tales are indeed real because he saw it all right in front of him throughout his entire life.

Then there's Zayn, the only boy in his family but it didn't affect anything, honestly. He loves his mom so much and still phones or texts her when he's not busy. He has three sisters so he is known to being the overly protective older brother but isn't that every older brother out there?

Since Zayn is Harry's best friend, he got a job at Harry's dad's company at the I.T. department. It's not like he got the job for free, he actually had to prove himself in there which wasn't very difficult since Zayn is really good with computers.

Meanwhile, there is Louis and Harry getting undressed because something about the way his omega smells today that is making extra horny which isn't something new. For Harry, just the sight of the omega is enough for him to orgasm right away but he doesn't want to just look, he wants to feel the omega's tight pink hole around his cock.

The curly haired alpha needs to bury himself inside of his omega so eagerly and in all honesty; the omega doesn't mind that at all.

It's been so long.

Once the omega was situated in the middle of the bed with a pillow under his perfect bum, the alpha made his way in between his legs and in return, the omega wrapped his thick lovely thighs around the alpha's waist, bringing him closer to him.

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