Chapter 94

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[A/N]: This is awkward. Are you guys still reading this story? I haven't updated it in almost a year. I have been incredibly insecure about my works and I honestly believed that I was shitty due to a professor who made me feel like I lack creativity. It doesn't matter now, though, here's an update. Mommy loves you. x

When Harry reached room 28, he sat down on one of the chairs and rubbed his face with his hands. He stood up quickly because he can't sit down from how anxious he's feeling. He remembers the sound of his mate in pain on the phone and it still echoes in his mind. He knows that his mate is trying to contain his pain as much as possible to avoid his alpha worrying about him.

Harry pulled out his phone and decided to call his parents. They answered at the second ring, Des kept the phone on speaker and said, "Is everything alright, son?" while Anne was listening next to him on the bed.

Harry rubbed his neck and said, "Yeah, everything is good, it's just..." and sighed from how exhausted he feels.

Anne said, "Just what?" and sat up on the bed with her legs crossed while looking at Des who shrugged in response.

Harry continued, "I think Louis is going into labor..."

Anne jumped out of bed, started getting dressed and said, "Which hospital? We will be there soon."

Des asked, carried the phone with him while finding something to wear from the closet, "It's the same one, right?"

Harry softened his features and said, "Yeah, same one. Thank you, guys," and hung up.

Anne said from the distance, "Des, pay up! They're Leo triplets, not Virgo," while Des groaned with a smile and paid $50.

Harry called his omega's parents to update them on what's going on and ensured them that Louis was going to be okay, hopefully. They said that they will be there as soon as possible.

After half an hour, both parents were there, and Harry said before they could ask, "I still didn't see him."

Johanna sighed softly and said, "But he's going to be okay, right?"

Harry downcast his eyes and said, trying to sound positive, "I am praying on it."

Anne touched his arm, eyes concerned and asked, "Dad and I are going to get some coffee, want any? I'll add a chocolate bar on the side?" and smiled.

Harry pressed his lips together and shook his head before saying, "I'm fine."

Anne rubbed his arm and said, "Alright, sweetie," before walking away with Des.

The alpha excused himself from both parents to wait for Louis in room 28 while they waited in the living room.

An hour later, the door opened to reveal Louis in a wheelchair and his face pale with the nurse behind him. She said, "The doctor will be back to check up on you, get some sleep for now," and left the room.

Harry sat on his knees in front of him and asked softly with his brows furrowed, "How are you feeling?" and held both of his hands into his own.

Louis blinked his tired eyes to focus on his alpha and said, "Can you help me lay down?"

The alpha said, "Of course," and kissed his knuckles. He removed the blanket a bit then helped his omega stand up before helping him lay down on the bed. He covered him with the blanket and said while rubbing his thumb over his cheeks, "Should I get you anything?"

Louis shook his head with his eyes shut as he was adjusting the way he was laying down to get more comfortable with a hand protecting his baby bump. He said so softly that it was barely audible, "Tired," and yawned into his fist.

Harry sat on the edge of the bed and started petting his hair gently. He leaned down and kissed his hair as he whispered, "Get some sleep, love," then stood up and closed the lights. He carried a chair and brought it next to the hospital bed. He sat down with an exhausted sigh and rubbed his eyes.

This was going to be a long night.


After half an hour, Louis whimpered with a hand on his baby bump and sat up. He felt the bedsheets wet under his hospital gown and removed the blanket aside. His eyes widened a bit and said in a panic, "H-Harry, wake up," looked for the button to call the nurse then whimpered and rolled his head back in pain.

Harry rubbed his eyes awake and said, "Baby, is everything oka-?" then stopped talking once he saw the wet spot on the hospital bed. He ran out of the door and called out, "Nurse!" and when she turned to look at him, he continued, "Call the doctor, my omega's water broke."

The nurse called Dr. Jefferson to the room while Harry helped his omega sit up on the bed. The omega's face was now a dashed red as he shut his eyes from the pain from the contraction that rushed over him all of a sudden.

Dr. Jefferson came into the room and said, "Water broke?"

Harry nodded and asked in worry, "So what happens now?" while holding onto his omega's hand.

Dr. Jefferson answered, "His scheduled C-section isn't supposed to be for less than a week. We have to start the procedure immediately," and left the room to inform the nurses to set up a surgery room.

Louis looked up at his alpha with his face a bit sweaty, eyes teary and said, "Alpha, help me."

Harry was a bit taken back because his omega doesn't call him by his status that often, so he knew that he really needed him there more than ever. He nodded and said, "I will, always."

After a short while, the doctor and the nurses walked into the room to help move Louis into the surgery room. Dr. Jefferson gave Harry something to wear before getting into the surgery room and said, "Wear these if you want to join," patted his arm and walked away.

The alpha looked down at what he's given and started getting changed immediately. Once he was done, he stood outside the surgery room and held his breath before letting it out slowly through his nose to pull himself together. Harry repeated to himself, "Triplets. Me, a dad, to triplets. Fuck, okay," before he walked in.

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