Chapter 24

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Note: I have just recently changed Louis' father's name from William to Mark because people thought it would be much better to say the original rather than a made up one. x

It has been a week and both of them were a total wreck.

Louis has been having some trouble sleeping at night because Harry's jumper doesn't smell like Harry anymore.

The omega has been really horny because of his pregnancy hormones and he couldn't stop thinking of his alpha's knot (even though Harry won't give him it since he's pregnant right now and couldn't risk the chance of getting the pregnant omega hurt).

On the other hand, we have Harry who is feeling even hornier than before because Louis' smell is all over their bed sheets so let's just say that the sheets had to be washed because the alpha made a really big mess so now he can't smell him on the sheets anymore.

And that's why he's so cranky.

They tried phone sex or Skype sex but it didn't work out since Louis would end up crying before they could start doing anything just because he is feeling emotional over the fact that he can't be able to touch him for a very long time, in his opinion.

Pregnant omegas feel weak and powerless without their alphas around to make them feel safe. The omega's hormones are playing a trick on him making him think that Harry would end up looking at a fit omega and would leave him because he's "fat".

Even though, Harry would never do such a thing and he doesn't think that Louis is fat because the first time he laid eyes on him, he knew that he was whipped right at that moment.

And besides, let's be real here, Harry wouldn't find a perfect omega for him other than Louis.

The reason why Louis is becoming so insecure about his body is because of his pregnancy so Harry has to tell him either on Skype or on the phone this exactly: "Baby, you're not fat, it's just the babies inside you are getting bigger and bigger which shows that you take care of them. You're good to our babies and I love you only."

That right there is what makes Louis have a smile on his face while the alpha is away although it hurts.

He may sound needy at times but he doesn't care, he just wants to get the alpha all to himself and to cuddle under his arms till he falls asleep, is that so much to ask for?

Harry would visit him every day after his work at Mark's company (Louis' father) is over and hang out with him outside university because Louis needs a dose of his alpha everyday to keep him moving forward.

There was a time this week where Louis was crying late at night right after ending his phone call with Harry and his roommate, Niall, heard him while walking past his room. He knocked first to see if Louis wanted to see anyone and then when the pregnant omega told him to come in, he immediately did.

Niall wrapped him up in his arms and held him close even when Louis would tell him that he's okay but Niall still hung on to him the whole night until the pregnant omega slowly fell asleep with dry tears on his pale cheeks.

The Irish lad spent the night awake and thinking about their little chat (when he tried to get Louis to sleep) about how they both wanted to leave their dorms so that they would spend time with their alphas like normal mated couple.

He remembered that orientation the university did to all new students when they talked to them about how safe the school is and assured them that the reason why they're doing this is so that they could protect them.

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