Chapter 44 + Character Ask!

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Once the Omega heard the door opening, he took it upon himself to leave the room and go downstairs happily to greet his alpha.

Harry looked up to see his beautiful omega coming down the stairs happily, and he almost forgot about all the shit he has to do.


The file was now in Harry's work bag since he wanted to hide it there before he decided to do anything about the whole thing.

The alpha set the bag down near the door as he wrapped his arms around his omega's waist and picked him up by his thighs gently.

Louis wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and whispered, "How was work today?" as he pressed a soft kiss to his jaw.

Harry walked to the kitchen with the Omega in his arms and said softly, "Stressful, but I'm glad that I'm back. Did you finish your essay last night?"

Even though Harry knew that his Omega finished his essay while he pretended to sleep, but he just wanted to let him know that he cares.

Louis giggled and said, "I'm glad you're back too and yeah I finished it, so I have nothing to do this week but prepare for my finals," and ended his sentence with a cute frown.

Harry cooed as he set him on the kitchen counter and said, "You're going to do great, trust me," and leaned down to kiss him.

The Omega moaned into the kiss as he brushed his fingers through his alpha's curls and tugged harshly making the alpha growl deep in his throat. Harry knew that he had to stop right there because he felt guilty for not telling his Omega the truth.

The alpha willed himself to pull away and cleared his throat as he said, "So, dinner?"

Louis blinked for a second when the alpha stopped and said, "Uh, yeah, I was thinking of eating peanut butter sandwich with bananas."

Harry furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and cocked his head to the side as he said carefully, "Is that some weird craving or do you like to eat that?"

The Omega started giggling and said, "It's a weird craving I have now, and I don't know why it just kicked in."

The alpha's eyes softened as he said, "Alright, do you want to sit on the counter or the couch? Does your back feel alright?" and started massaging his omega's lower back.

Louis contently sighed as rested his head against his alpha's shoulder and said, "Remind me to ask for a massage once we finish eating dinner and I'd prefer the couch for now."

Harry chuckled and said, "Couch it is then," as he picked him up in his arms and laid him down on the couch gently then kept the blanket over his petite body.

The Omega watched the alpha making him sandwiches as he cuddled up into the warm blanket. He was thinking of why Harry acted that way and stopped them from going any further, but then he shook the thoughts out of his head. Maybe the alpha was just tired, Louis thinks.

After a while, Harry made his way over to his Omega and sat down on the edge of the couch while the plate was on his lap.

Louis sat up on the couch then took the sandwich that the alpha handed it to him and started eating while looking at Harry curiously.

Harry started eating his sandwich too but wasn't looking at Louis and rather, he was looking down at his lap. He looked like he was in deep thought and the omega wanted to ask what was wrong.

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