Chapter 56

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To say that the alpha was devastated would be an understatement. His mom, Anne, is trying to calm him down while Des was the one in charge of asking about the omega's health.

Jay and Mark were sitting on the other side of the room. Mark was trying to comfort his wife while she had her face buried in her hands while she cried for her poor baby and her grandchildren.

There was no news yet about the incident and it scares them all shitless.

Niall couldn't stop crying and even though he tried to, it was just simply difficult. His alphas were on each side trying to comfort their omega because it just wasn't healthy for the growing life inside of him to handle so much stress.

Harry's eyes were bloodshot red as his mother kept rubbing his back while whispering, "He's going to be okay, honey, come on now, don't cry. He wouldn't want you to cry."

The last statement made him cry even more because he wouldn't stay in this world if his omega wouldn't be in it.

Now, he was praying hard and promised god that if his omega made it out alive along with his triplets, then he would stop working for two months or three to focus on them.

It was like his prayers were heard when he watched the doctor come out of the emergency room and called out, "Styles?"

Everyone in the room stood up in anticipation but mostly in fear of what the doctor was going to say.

Harry made his way over to the doctor and said, "T-That's me."

The doctor looked through the files and said, "Mr. Styles, your omega has been blacking out for a while or is this the first time?"

Memories of today flooded in when his omega told him that he has been fainting a few times here and there. He nodded and rushed out, "He has, why? Is he okay?"

The doctor brought his glasses up down to look at the alpha once he was done reading the files and said, "It's normal, don't worry about it. Dizziness is normal since he is carrying three children and that is quite a lot if you ask me."

Harry was getting impatient, and the doctor wasn't getting to the point. He nodded along and said, "Just tell me if my pups and omega are alright."

The doctor let out an 'Oh' and said, "Sorry, I'm new to the whole tell the news kind of guy, but I'm working on it. Your pups seem to be in an excellent condition but your omega, on the other hand, will be taking some vitamins."

Everyone in the background was watching the two and wondering why were they taking so long to know what's going on with the omega.

"The vitamins will help your omega throughout the pregnancy. I guess it was a good idea that you guys wore your seatbelts, but I'm kind of worried about the little blood you got there on your forehead. Are you sure that you don't want a nurse to clean it up?"

Harry shook his head immediately and said, "No, I'm fine, just a little blood. Can I see my Omega now?"

The doctor sighed at the alpha's stubbornness and said, "When you get your little forehead there cleaned up then I'll allow you to see your omega. It would make him upset to see his alpha like that and you don't want him sad now, don't you?"

After thinking about it for a moment with a frown on his lips and said quietly, "He would be pretty disappointed."

"Nurse, clean his wounds," then pointed at the alpha's forehead and added, "Don't forget to make some tests to see if everything looks normal."

Jay came running over to the doctor with Mark behind her and asked, "Can I see my baby, please? Is he okay?"

The doctor gave her a smile and nodded while announcing to everyone, "He's perfectly alright, he just needs his vitamins, and the pups are doing alright. Two people at a time so that he doesn't suffocate. Room number 302 on the third floor."

Mark and Jay immediately made their way to the third floor along with everyone else except for Des, who stayed behind with Harry.

Anne wanted her husband and son to have their alpha talk because she knew Des knew the right things to say.

Des sat next on a chair that he was handed by the nurse and said, "It's alright, son, everything is okay now," and handed him some tissues.

Harry's tears went from sad to happy to 'I don't deserve my omega' in a matter of minutes. He said, "Dad, I don't want to work for at least two to three months."

Since he thought that his dad would lecture him for it, he avoided his gaze while the nurse was cleaning up his wounds.

Des let out a sigh and said, "You know I would never force you into anything so if that's what you want. I could let you work from home full time, and whenever we need you for a case, we would call you up."

Harry looked at his dad in shock and said, "You mean that?" and wiped his tears because he doesn't want to cry anymore.

Des nodded with a smile and said, "You're my only son, of course I mean that. Gemma is currently on her way because traffic is quite shit," and chuckled.

After the nurse had checked his forehead to see if the alpha would wince away but he didn't so it showed that he was healing quickly. She said, "Everything looks alright, if you get any pain whatsoever, take some painkillers."

Harry stood up and nodded while saying, "Thank you," and left the room with his dad then he saw Gemma running into the hospital like a maniac with a basket filled with red velvet cupcakes.

Des chuckled and called out, "Gemma, why did you bring cupcakes?"

Gemma looked at the two of them and said like it was obvious, "Because red velvet cupcakes make everything better, dad."

Harry sighed and said, "Fair enough," and took one from the basket.

Gemma looked at her brother and said, "Where's Louis? He needs to have some cupcakes."

Des said while they were making their way to the elevator, "They're all upstairs so I think the cupcakes were a nice touch after the good news."

Gemma asked, "Good news?" While they all got into the elevator with the alpha eating away his cupcake happily.

Des looked over at her and said, "The mom and pups are okay which thank god for that. Grandchildren are the things that make everything worthwhile."

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