You were standing in the middle of the road, with your bags, in the middle of the night, under the rain. No where to go. Your boyfriend of a year was cheating on you, and to be honest he never loved you. He said that by himself. Tears were gushing out of your eyes, not knowing whom to talk to. You took your phone out, and it was almost going to die. You searched the contacts, and found 'Justin :)' Your bestest friend.You immediately called him. 

Justin: Hey beautiful! Whatcha doin' up so late? 

Y/n: Ju-Justin, I caught him cheating! There was a- A girl was on top of him, Justin! He told me he never loved me by himself! 

Justin: Shit, I knew this would come. Y/n stop crying, where are you? I'll pick you up.

Y/n: I'm near the park.. Thank you for all this Justin, I-I..

Justin: Its alright, Its my duty. Don't cry, I'll be there in a few minutes, beautiful don't cry.

Y/n: Okay, I'll se-see you.

You said, and cut the call. You couldn't stop crying, and you didn't know what to do. You saw a car pull up, and you find Justin running outside the car, to get you inside. "Y/n!" He yelled, and pulled your hand. You dropped your bags, and hugged him tightly, not caring that both of you are standing under the sudden and heavy downpour. You sobbed, and cried loudly into his chest. He rubbed his hands on your back, and calmed you down. 

"Y/n come on, get inside, you'll get sick." He said, and lifted you off the ground and walked you to the car, and put you inside. He got your bags and threw them behind. He pushed the key into the hole, and the car roared to life, and sped down the street. He parked the car, and brought you out and into the house. 

You went inside, and stood with your back against the walls, slouching to the ground with your face in your hands. "Y/n, please come on stop crying sweetheart. Lets get you dried, come upstairs." He said, and pulled you towards him. Tears involuntarily kept flowing down your pink, kissable cheeks. He handed you a towel, a hair-dryer and his over-sized t-shirt for you to change. You changed into his clothes, and you sat down on the couch in the hall, thinking of why you deserved this kind of punishment. Why you were such a fool to that guy you loved. 

Justin was sitting right next to you, telling you calming and soothing phrases. You couldn't help the sudden outburst, and balled his shirt in your hands, and cried onto his chest once again. "Y/n- P-please don't cry, I can't watch you like this." He said, his voice cracking. Just then, your ex- boyfriend of a cheater was at the door, yelling your name. 

Justin stood in front of him, keeping him away from you. "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE Y/N?" He yelled at your face. "ITS BECAUSE YOU FUCKING CHEATED YOU DICKHEAD" Justin yelled back. "Shut up, I'm talking to her, idiot." He said. And that triggered your temper. "SHUT UP Y/ExBF/n YOU'RE A LIAR. YOU CHEATED ON ME. I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING I SHOULD. YOU STILL TURNED AGAINST ME AND FUCKED THAT FUCKING SLUT. DON'T YOU FUCKING CALL JUSTIN AN IDIOT BECAUSE HE ISN'T AND YOU ARE. HE WILL NEVER HURT ME LIKE YOU DO EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF THE DAY. GET A LIFE!" You yelled and shut the door on his face, for real. You heard him groan in pain, but he deserved it when you thought of all the bruises, cuts, and wounds he gave you on your body. 

Just after that, you heard him yell "Bitch". You watched Justin open the door, and storm out of the house. You ran after him, and found him hitting your ex, "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU FUCKING SAY?" Justin yelled before he kicked him and punched him like an animal. You were frightened at this sight. You never knew Justin could behave like this. You always believed that physical abuse is never the answer to have your way with someone. 

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