4)"I broke mine, by breaking hers" (A touching story, must read)

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"Baby, you coming home? Becuz I haven't heard from you since the day before yesterday. You haven't pick up any of my calls.I just wanna remind you that there is one more person, who thinks you're the world to them, and she's your Girlfriend." You said to Justin on the phone. 

He said he had to "shoot" for a song and that It'd be only for a week. It's almost One week and 3 days, he hasn't come back yet. You're not angry with him, but you don't know why he's acting weird. 

Your phone rings. Justin was calling you. You picked it up and said "Hey Bab-.." while he cuts you off by saying "I'm Busy. Call you later." And you said "Okay.." you were frustrated. You waited for him to be home, and you were going to give him a piece of your mind. 

He came home. He never said anything. Because, usually, he screams your name or says "Babe I'm home". He did nothing. He just barged inside and threw the bags inside and went for a shower. 

After his shower, he went to the table and got his food. This was actually pissing you off. You asked him "What the heck is your problem?" and he pretended he never heard you. 


I'm hurt. I'm guilty, I regret everything. I never should have loved her. And now that I'm hurting her, it's hurts me more.I watched her cry. And I'm feeling like nothing but like the pile of stuff that my dog left in the street. I'm doing this to her, because, I'm always on travel, and she's always told me even before I fell in love with her, that She wants her boyfriend to be with her. Always. And I often forget about her. My names get hooked with others girls in the magazines. She gets called by dirty names in the magazines. It breaks her heart. She has to take everything. Gosh, this really is making me guilty. If I behave like this, I'm sure she'd hate me for that and She'd leave me. I have no other way.I'm gonna break my heart, by breaking hers. 

(End of Justin's POV)

Y/n's P.O.V:

Okay I'm done with this. I can't believe this. I love him so much and he still manages to make me love him more. But now, I'm fed up. I'm gonna get a life. I just realised that my friends were right. Never love someone who's got too much Money, Fame. Oh and, He'd get a Girlfriend as soon as we break up, but I wouldn't. It's OKay. I'm gonna set things right. I'm gonna end the relationship. Now. 

 (End of Your POV)

You headed towards Justin. You told him "I'm getting this straight, Why are you doing this to me?" and he said "Doing what?" in a really sarcastic tone. He turned away. You said "Right. I get it.It's not my fault your behaving like this. It's you. It's always YOU." and justin said "Right. You're right. I'm in love with someone else, I think we need to break up." in a really shivering and nervous voice. You said "Well, have fun. Good bye." You cried and packed your bags and left. 


I'm dying from the second she left me. I know she'd be happy. I was not perfect for her. I'm just a worthless, dumb boy. But I love her. Alot. 

 (End of POV)

You reached home and went inside your room. You shut the door. You cried. You cried really loud. But what you didn't know is that, he followed you. He was there. He was listening to you cry. 


I heard her cry, really loud. I realised that she had a hundred knives stabbed into her heart. My hands couldn't resist opening the door. My eyes were flooded with the thoughts of her crying. My body was shivering. I couldn't stop it. It was like she controlled me. I was dying there. 

 (End of POV)

"I can't take it anymore" you whispered to yourself. You took a knife and kept it beside. You wrote a letter. You quickly shut your eyes and dragged the knife on your wrist.. Writing every nerve with Justin's name. 

Slowly, your world, was getting blurry, dark and gloomy, just like your love life. You smiled in pain and fell down.


It's been almost 10 minutes since i heard her crying. There's no noise. I'm sure something is wrong. I called her and She never picked up. I banged the door. She never opened it. Damn, something is wrong. I finally banged open the door and I was shocked by this. She tried to suicide, She's still breathing, But i was scared I'm going to die by this sight. She was there, on the floor, With blood everywhere, and I picked her up and she tried to push me and she said "Juus Jussst Justttinn, I-I- love love you.." with no energy. I got her an ambulance and I took her to the hospital. Thank god, they saved her. 

 (End of P.O.V)

You opened your eyes and saw Justin cry. You couldn't believe it. You reached out for him, when he slapped you. Justin Slapped YOU. He said "Why did you do this?! Why did you act so cold? I wanted to let go of you, so you'll be happy and you'll live! You almost got yourself killed.I'd die when you do that... You, You, killed me." he cried, Holding your hand. You said "Well, I'm sorry. I just can't live without you.. You didn't tell me why you broke up with me Justin." Then, he tells you why he did that and you said "Justin... that is so lame! There's nothing like that. Did i tell it by myself to you? I love you and i don't need to prove it. But yet, there's one thing I hate about you!" He asked you- "What is it?" and you said "The thing I hate the most is that.. Is that you always make me love you." He laughed and kissed your forehead. He took care of you, until you recovered. 

- This was to spread a message, that Self harm is extremely dangerous and think of the ones who love you to death, when you decide to do so. :/ 

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